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Gloucestershire Teacher Reviews
Waterwells Primary Academy
01452 881962
03rd July 2017 - 04th July 2017
Circus Workshop

Excellent!!!!!- Jen Dando, Teacher
Finlay Community Primary School
01452 530310
29th March 2017
Circus Workshop

A wonderful day filled with energy, enthusiasm, fantastic skills and lots of laughing!
Loads of positive feedback from parents and the kids absolutely loved every second!
They kept saying it was the best day theyd ever had!!
Thank you for coming and getting into the full spirit of things and engaging so well with our parents in the afternoon. - Katie Kirby, Teacher
Barnwood Park Arts College
014525303859 ext223
10th September 2015
Transition Days

Jebb was very adaptable to the timetable I had put in place, he arrived early enough to set up and was great with the students.
Many thanks - Hayley Foster , Head of Year
Bussage Primary School
01453 883205
24th April 2015
27th April 2017
Circus Workshop

On a previous occasion a low tight rope was brought for the children to have a go at - it would be great to have this next time as is something they rarely have the opportunity to try out.

Really enjoyable session - the children are completely enthused for putting on their own circus show now. Thank you.- Zoe White, Deputy Headteacher
Circus Workshops

An absolutely fantastic day was had, Paul was excellent.
- Zoe White, Deputy Headteacher
Cirencester Primary School
01285 658550
10th April 2013
Circus Skills Fun Day

It would have been lovely to see lots more tricks in a little performance for the children. It was a lovely day enjoyed by all. Many thanks.- Sophie Hurst, Teacher
Avening Primary School
01453 833191
13th July 2011
Circus Skills for Summer School

Leanne had a wonderful way with the children. She used humour in her explanations and really grabbed the childrens attention. A most enjoyable experience for everyone. We all felt that we had learnt new skills!
Thank you!- Gill Redpath, Teacher
Hillview Primary School
01452 616846
05th May 2011
Circus Skills day for 'Circus Topic'

Class 3 had an amazing day doing thier circus skills workshop as did the grown ups! We would invite you back tomorrow if we could. A big thank you to Paul who was a fabulous teacher, the children learnt so much and have been practicing in the playground ever since. Many many thanks for starting our circus topic with a very memorable day. - Katrina Maclean, Teacher
Leighterton Primary School
01666 890273
16th February 2011
After School Club 12 weeks

Fantastic experience for our pupils.
Jem was very engagng and motivated the pupils well.
We are looking forward to the next half term.- Jenny Kiss, Headteacher
Rowanfield Junior School
01242 516611
10th February 2010
20th October 2011
Circus Fun Day

The children all had a great time and it was especially good to see different acvtivities for the different age groups.
Many thanks- SueBullock, Deputy Headteacher
Circus Skills 'Fun Day'

Superb service from the initial contact to the end of the day we booked. The trainer dazzled throughout and was very adaptable which is essential during a school day.
Well worth the fee and we are already saving to book a summer visit- Lynn Johnson, Teacher
Harewood Junior School
01452 525364
08th June 2009
14th May 2010
Circus Skills Fun Day

Thank you so much for another enjoyable experience! Children & staff had a thoroughly enjoyable day learning new skills which they cant wait to put into practise in our very own circus perfoemance. Paul was fantastic with the children, breaking each trick down into easy, manageable steps for all to achieve.
I just wish we had chance to have a go at more tricks - will have to try & do a whole week next time!- Laura Hesketh, Head of Year
Circus Workshops

Paul was awesome, he engaged the children and staff throughout the day. It was an excellent experiential opportunity given to the children to learn and develop new circus skills. Most importantly it was FUN. Thank you for your expertise. - Kara Hyam, Head of Year
Tutshill C of E Primary School
01291 622593
11th June 2009
2 days of Circus Skills

EXCELLENT!!!!!- catherine cantwell, secretary
Longdon St Mary's CofE Primary School
01684 833291
05th May 2009
Circus Skills Fun Day

Our 4 year olds to our very mature year 6s had a fantastic day, sessions were well organised and the children suitably challenged across the ability range. The safety talk was spot on for all ages, many thanks, look forward to booking you again.- Sue Bennett, Headteacher
Toddington County Primary School
01242 621234
07th July 2008
Circus Skills Fun Day

Excellent!!- Lesley Marriott, Headteacher
Berkeley Primary School
01453 810254
21st May 2008
Circus Skills Workshop

Excellent!!!- Frances Lark, Headteacher
Swindon Village Primary School
01242 690016
28th January 2008
Circus Skills Week

Once again the chidlren had a great time. It was good to meet two new trainers who were both superb with the children. We dod miss the blue gaint globe / ball this year! Thank you again. - CHRIS CHAMBERLAIN, Headteacher
Robinswood Primary School
01452 530430
04th December 2007
After School Club culminating in a show by the children.

Been using Shooting Stars for 7 years - enough said really.
Brings something to our range of extra-curricular which is diiferent and is always popular with the children.
Steve, Jackie and Paul are all excellent both in what they do and how they do it!- Martin Latham, Headteacher
A brilliant experiance and great to see unexpected stars emerge with these unique skills.- Mr M. Latham, Head Teacher
Field Court CE Infant School
Fieldmice Pre-School Re-union

Dear Steve
I would just like to thank Shooting Stars and especially Jebb for your help with the Fieldmice Reunion in Quedgeley. Jebb was totally fantastic and coped with entertaining all our children from age 3 to 11. He worked exceedingly hard and the congratulations and thanks we have received from parents after the event was totally down to him. All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the teachers of both schools said it was all that the children could talk about the following day.
Thank you so much for making this a day the children will remember.
Karen Wade
For and on behalf of the Fieldcourt Fieldmice Committee- Karen Wade
St Stephen's Infant School
The activties were great fun within the children's group. They had a wonderful time. Its just a shame the session wasnt longer!
The instructor was very friendly and excellent with the children. The class all participated enthusiastically and seemed to get a lot out of the session.- St Stphen's Infant School
Pate's Grammar School
Thank you for providing hours of fun. Your instructor was extremely patient and worked alongside the pupils at their pace. Many children had the chance to try out and develop skills they'd only seen from the comfort of their chair. The parents thoroughly enjoyed the performance - it was especially lovely to those children achieve sucess who often don't for a variety of reasons.- Sharon Stratford
Visit/s: 25/2/06

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to host a fantastic circus skills workshop. Your son Paul, our instructor, was BRILLIANT - very patient, kind, skilled and even had a sense of humour too (very important with some of the little treasures he was teaching!)
Please pass on my thanks again to him. I will definitely be trying to secure some more funding for the current group I teach ready for another workshop in the Autumn. The children all had a brilliant time and many left with significant skills they had begun only that day.- Sharon Stratford
Kingsholm C of E Primary School
01452 530777
25th April 2008
18th January 2010
Circus Skills Fun Day (4th Year)

The children and staff had an excellent day!
- Hayley Young, Phase Leader of 3/4
Circus Skills

Excellent!- Louise Burridge, Administrator
Visit/s: 17/06/2005

The workshop was brilliant. The children were thoroughly engaged and were engrossed in totally new experiences! Our woorkshop leader was encouraging and enthusiastic and shared a lot of praise with us, even when we found it tricky! My only regret?...... that we didn't have shooting stars for a whole day each, per class. Thank you- Sharon Williams
Visit/s: 17/06/2005

The workshop was brilliant. The children were thoroughly engaged and were engrossed in totally new experiences! Our workshop leader was encouraging and enthusiastic and shared a lot of praise with us, even when we found it tricky! My only regret?.....that we did not have Shooting stars for a whole day each, per class.
Thank you!!- Sharon Williams
Woolaston Primary School
Visit/s: 11/07/2005

A fabulous day, children and staff all had a good time. Many thanks.- Judy Powell, Teacher
Avening Primary School
Visit/s: 20/07/2005

Thank you so much for the great and entertaining workshop you did here in Avening. Didn't they all love it and weren't they great. Look forward to the next encounter. Liz

We were amazed at some of the children and the abilities that Steve encouraged out of them. They were all really keen to join in and try everything.
Steve & Jackie were also so sensitive to the children with special needs, enabling them also to achieve so well.- Liz Bury
Amberley Ridge School
01453 872536
Visit/s: 05/07/2005

We are a school for children with emotional and behaviour difficulties, our children are not always easy to engage. Paul Hawkins was mavellous with them. They enjoyed every minute of the day and gained so much, especially in confidence. The way he developed their skills was excellent. The pace of each activity was just right for each group.
It was the childrens favourite activity in a busy week. Thank you.

Can you please pass on our thanks to Paul for the tremendous work he did with our children. They had a brilliant time and this was largely down to Paul's excellent management of them. The Structure of the sessions was excellent. The children were on task all the time and he dealt with them with extreme sensitivity.
All our staff were highly impressed - and that's not easy! They're a pretty cynical lot!
Once again, our thanks to Paul, and yourself for making all the arrangements.- Bev Cheal
Cirencester Junior School
Visit/s: 23/5/05

Really pleased - the children all really enjoyed it.- Nick Shepherd
North Nibley C of E Primary

Opening of new school hall

“The overwhelming response from everyone involved in the day was that it was ‘fantastic’. Children, staff, governors, parents, the Bishop & M.P. all had a great time. The leaders are sensitive to children’s particular needs – excellent. Lots of laughing, learning of new skills and sheer enjoyment. Thanks again.- Sally McMurray, Acting Headteacher
Rodmarton School
Visit/s: 18 - 20/7/2001

“One parent commented on your natural empathy with the children – seconded by the staff. Very positive comments from children and parents. Some parents commented that children had talked of nothing else. Thank you very much! It was a great couple of days.” - Diana Boulton, Headteacher
Tuffley Primary School
01452 526442
13th March 2008
25th May 2010 - 26th May 2010
2 Circus Skills Days

The best we have ever had!!!!
Thank you- joanne lightfoot, Teacher
Circus Skills Workshops

Many thanks for another set of great workshops.- Sally Hammond, Teacher
Visit/s: 6/4/2001, 28 - 30/5/2002, 2 & 3/3/05

Sue Oldham (2001) “I cannot overdo the praise for this day! The children had a fantastic time, and were able to experience activities which were totally new and exciting. It will be a day for them to remember for a long time. Thank you!”
Mrs N. Wooltorton Headteacher (2002) “The opportunity for a whole school event gives every child the chance to do something well. Many children experienced success in areas that they had never before succeeded in. We think this type of experience is essential for children.”
2 & 3/3/05 The children were enthusiastic participants. The children reall got a lot out of it. It was wonderful to see the children's concentration as they practised their new skills! Thank you for your attention to behaviour expectations too.- Mrs N. Wooltorton, Headteacher
Ingleside Primary School
Visit/s: 25 & 26/6/2001
24 & 25/6/2002

“Fantastic fun! Please can we book a 2 day period next year?”- Felicity Blades, Headteacher
Benhall Infant School
01242 234717
22nd April 2009
07th October 2011
Circus Theme

A very successful day which really supported our circus theme well.

Thank you, we will book again!- Wendy Richmond, Headteacher
After School Club

Great series of sessions which the children loved.
It was a great idea to have the presentation to the school and parents at the end.
Thank you very much.- Wendy Richmond, Headteacher
Visit/s: 09-10/06/2005

Responses from children:-
"The people keep you safe, they hold you up and help you."
"I was nervous on the tightrope but they told me I could do it and i did."
"The lady was beautiful and i loved everything."
"It was fantastic fun."
"Circus skills was my best ever day."- Wendy Dedman, Headteacher
Visit/s: 9 & 10/7/2001
26 & 27/6/2002
12 & 13/6/2003
10 & 11/6/2004

“Surpassed our expectations! Children gained so much from the experience – it was wonderful to watch the dogged determination of children as they practised and practised skills they had been taught until they accomplished them. We, as teachers, were surprised by the achievements of the children – you could see some children’s self-confidence growing as they delighted in the skills they had mastered. We were all reduced to tears by one little boy, who has profound multiple physical and mental disabilities, he managed to walk the tightrope – raise his leg and wave – to the consternation of us all. Thank you for an amazing two days, a wonderful way to end the term, on an absolute high!”
(2002) “Thank you again for two wonderful days of workshops. Fantastic – yet again we’ve seen children’s self-esteem being given a great boost. All children learnt a new skill and were eager to demonstrate it to any willing audience. A wonderful way to end the school year!”

(2004) “My last visit from Steve – as I retire. But I have booked for the new head as I am sure he/she will appreciate the value of circus skills. Circus Skills provide so much support for children – in terms of self-esteem, confidence, developing physical skills. Steve is wonderful at encouraging children to’ have a go’ and then taking them on in gradual steps to more advanced work. The children’s sense of achievement is wonderful to see when they gain mastery of a new skill. Circus Skills is something in which all children can be involved – there are no barriers – just success. Thanks, Steve, for the many years of pleasure you have given the children at Benhall and for your unfailing commitment to children.
- Mrs A. Fry, Headteacher
The John Moore Primary School
Visit/s: 27 & 28/1/2003
26 & 27/1/2004

“Our children have gained a great deal from their time spent with the “Shooting Stars Circus Skills” team. Not only does the experience broaden the children’s horizons and create a more diverse curriculum but the children become more self-aware and their coordination develops. Children are sometimes surprised at their own skills. During the two days it so often the children you would least expect who really show a natural talent for circus skills.
We found that the circus skills linked closely with our own work focusing on ‘Thinking Skills’, especially brain gym. Circus skills is one of those activities that give both sides of the brain a chance to work. Children also enjoy and learn about performing in front of an audience. The whole event can be a superb stimulus for other curriculum areas. Children are often keen to write about Circus Skills work! The children’s usual comment at the end is “When will Steve & Jackie be coming again?”
- Mr Chamberlain, Headteacher