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Middlesex Teacher Reviews
Town Farm Primary School
‭01784 254380
11th June 2018 - 15th June 2018
Circus Workshop

The Children had a wonderful time- Sharon Hadley, Admin Assistant
St Paul's CofE Primary School
020 8560 3297
18th January 2018
Circus Workshop

The children had a fantastic time - from the younger children to the oldest the children all of them were engaged and eager to participate.
Thank you for an excellent day! - Louisa Riley , Head of Year
Heathfield Nursery & Infant School
020 8894 4074
25th September 2017
Circus Workshop

Excellent!- Aoife Bell, Teacher
Belmont School
0208 427 0903
05th April 2011
21st April 2017
Circus Workshop

We thoroughly enjoyed having Shooting Stars Circus Skills in to do the workshop. Paul, the instructor, was organised, friendly with the children and kept them engaged throughout. Pauls explanations and demonstrations were clear and easy to follow. Many of the children were able to do tricks with the spinning plates and flower sticks by the end of the day. - Kayleigh Yik, Teacher
Staines Preparatory School
01784 450909
16th June 2016
Circus Workshop

All the children really enjoyed the circus! There was a wide variety of equipment and the activities were perfectly pitched for the different age groups. - Emily Brown, Head of Year
Cedars Manor School
020 8428 5845
08th July 2014
Excellent!- j mitchell, Teacher
Earlsmead School
020 8864 5546
17th July 2013
28th January 2014
21st March 2017
Circus Workshop

Worked fantastically, even with our cohoart of SEN pupils - Katie, Head of Year
The children were very engaged and still use the skills they learnt on a day to day basis.- Sarra Shaba, Teacher
End of Year Circus Fun Session

We intend to book you again next year to support our Reception curriculum. Leanne was brilliant and the children had a fantastic time. Thank you!- Margaret Bloomfield, Teacher
Alperton Community School
07875 247563
12th April 2011
Circus Skills Fun Day - 2nd Year

fantastic instructor - Roslyn. great with the kids who are of various ages ranging from 9 up to 17. lots for them to try and good managament of the resources so that the students are kept interested.
this is the second time that we have booked roslyn and we will definatly be booking again. - Fran Edwards, Teacher
Newnham Junior School
01895 671965
17th March 2011 - 18th March 2011
Circus Skills Workshops

The children loved the session. I wish we could have given each class longer!- Jenny Vass, Deputy Headteacher
Alperton Community School
07875 247563
03rd August 2010
Summer Scheme Fun day

excellently pitched workshop. range of ages and abilities catered for with ease and great extension to challenge certain students. thankyou- frances edwards, Teacher
Heathland School
020 8422 4503
07th June 2010 - 12th June 2010
6 days of Circus Skills for 'One World Week'.

Our One World Week went fantastically well – due in no small part to Kaleigh and Russ and their contribution throughout. They got on famously with children and staff and everyone thoroughly enjoyed working with them and learning from them.
If we are able to hold a similar event in the future I will certainly be in touch with you straight away.- Tim Smith, Teacher
Horsenden Primary School
0208 422 5985
05th October 2009 - 10th October 2009
01st October 2015 - 03rd October 2015
Circus Workshops & Family Learning day

As usual an enjoyable time was had by the children- Lisa Metcalf, Administrator
Week of Circus Skills workshops plus Family Learning Day

Very soon we will have to start a school circus! The children are reaching such a high standard they could join a circus. Every year the children look forward to the circus skills workshops. Our family learning day means the parents get to have a go too. Without Shooting Stars we would never have had so many dads coming to join in the family learning day. See you next year.- Sally Wright, Deputy Headteacher
Visit/s: 8/10/2005

Children talk about the workshops for weeks afterwards. It is good to see the children (regards of age and ability) enjoying all the activities.
The staff looked forward to the workshops as much as the children!- Sally Wright, Teacher
Visit/s: 9 - 11/6/2003, 8 - 11/10/2003,
7 - 9/6/2004, 11 - 16/10/2004, 6-8/6/05,
3-8/10/05, 5-8/6/06 2005, 2-7/10/06,

“We all had a great time and are looking forward to your visit in the summer. The parents certainly seemed to enjoy the sessions on Saturday. We had a full page spread in the local paper."

(2004) Karen Holden “The children and staff of Horsenden Primary School enjoyed the circus workshops. The children were highly motivated and enthusiastic. I am sure it is an experience they will always look back on with fond memories. Keep up the great work! See you in October!!- Sally Wright, Teacher
Ravenor Primary School
020 8578 1654
16th November 2009
13th January 2014 - 17th January 2014
Circus Themed Week Reception to Yr 6

Thank you for a wonderful experience for our Foundation Stage children. They all enjoyed their session and have been talking about it since. :-- Sarah Bemmer, Foundation Stage Co-ordinator
Family Learning Day

Dear Steve and Jackie
Re Family Learning Day. Just wanted to drop you a note to say a big Thank You to both of you for your support and assistance at our Family Learning Day here at Ravenor Primary as well as throughout the week
From the initial feedback that we gathered on the day, it looks like adults and children both really enjoyed the event - just for information, we had nearly 160 people attend the event, most of whom I think were in your workshops!
Thanks again for all your help and participation.
Kind regards
Harwinder- Harwinder Chawla, Pastoral Support Mentor
Hythe Community Primary School
01784 452972
23rd September 2009
20th June 2012
Yr 3 Fun Day

The children had a fantastic time and were fully engaged for the duration of the activities.- julie scoones, Teacher
Circus Skills Fun Day

Shooting Stars was brilliant - the children had a fantastic time and loved every minute! Will definately be booking again! Thank you- Natasha Fielding, Teacher
Stanburn First School
10th June 2009
Circus Skills Workshops

Thank you very much for the fantastic experience you provided. The children thoroughly enjoyed their 3 days with Nick and are still talking about it now! - Kathy Butler, Acting Joint Head of Year
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
0208 863 8531
22nd May 2009
25th September 2009
Childrens Centre and Nursery launch

Shooting Stars Circus Skills was really popular at our Childrens Centre and Nursery launch. The families, both children and adults and staff had a fantastic time learning and experimenting with all the equipment. Our instructer Paul was very enthusiastic and made our circus experience enjoyable and memorable.

Thank you to the Circus Skills Team, we look forward to booking with you again in the future!- GEMMA WILLIAMS, CHILDRENS CENTRE CO-ORDINATOR
Circus Skills Fun Day

Thank you for a brilliant day. Both the children and adults loved it!- Sarah Henry, Teacher
Willow Tree Primary School
020 8845 4181
27th April 2009
07th June 2011 - 10th June 2011
20th June 2011 - 24th June 2011
03rd November 2014
15th September 2016
20th September 2017
10th Year of Circus Skills Workshops!

Excellent workshop enjoyed by both children and teachers- Katie Wilkin, Teacher
Circus Workshop - 8th Year

Tutor was very friendly and had great interaction with the children, there was plenty of equipment and the children really enjoyed themselves. - Charles Cory, Teacher
Circus Skills Workshop

The children loved the workshop and it was a great introduction to our topic.- Carol Owens, Teacher
Circus Themed Week - 3rd Year

Excellent - thanks we really enjoyed it.- Penny Hill, Head of Year
Circus Themed Week - 3rd Year

Once again Shooting Stars did not disappoint. This year we have booked 2 weeks so that all of the children, including Nursery may share the experience. So far we have been astonished by the skills demonstarted by our pupils. We are looking forward to our second week.- Pam Baker, Deputy Headteacher
Circus Themed Week

The week was a resounding success wiht 100% positve feedback from staff, pupils and parents. Staff felt the children were energised and enthused throughout the week. Parents attending family workshops all asking for more of the same!- Wendy Thomas, Branching Out Co-ordinator
Hatch End High School
0208 428 9287
05th January 2009
Circus Skills for School production of 'Barnum'

Absolutely excellent day - our young people had great time and learned some new skills. They have all responded positively. The day was confidence building as well as informative and fun. All of the young people commented on the staff invoved, saying how helpful they had been - thank you. We intend to re book with our extended schools co-ordinator and would love to make this a more regular event. Finally the day had a real purpose for us as we are doing the show 'Barnum'.- Marina Dunford, Deputy Headteacher
Hermitage Primary School
01895 234871
18th July 2008
Circus Skills Fun Day

A very big thank you to Nathan and Steve. The children had a fantastc day.

Please can I be sent the dates which are still available in the spring / summer 2009.

- Lisa Hodgkinson, Acting Head
Ruislip Gardens Primary School
01895 632895
19th May 2008
Circus Skills Workshop

Thank you.The day was very successful and the children are still talking about it!- Marc Titeux, Deputy Headteacher
Gifford Primary School
020 8845 4661
10th March 2008
Circus Themed Week + Family Learning Day

Dear Steve
I have completed your on line questionnaire but I also wanted to say a particular thank you to Russ for his hard work last week. I was also delighted to meet your lovely daughter on Saturday and would like to express my thanks to her for all her help but in particular for her patience in teaching my son to unicycle. He has already ordered one of his own. I was particularly delighted that she also told him she is training to be a barrister- what a role model!
Look forward to using your company again.
Sue Luchowa
- Sue Luchowa, Teacher
Priestmead Middle School
0208 907 2768
06th November 2009
07th November 2008
Circus Skills Fun Day

Thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and staff!- Lorna Blowers, Head of Year
Circus Skills Day to Launch Alternative PE Curriculum

Paul was fantastic - an inspiring day to launch our PE curriculum on Circus Skills. What was particularly good was when he made a mistake as it helped the children (and staff!) feel they can make mistakes. The extra session for just the staff was appreciated. A brilliant, brilliant day - thanks so much!- Sash Hamidi, Deputy Headteacher
Excellent!!!- Mr S. Hamidi
Oldfield Primary School
16th March 2015 - 21st March 2015
14th March 2016 - 19th March 2016
13th March 2017 - 18th March 2017
Circus Themed Week

Excellent! Thanks Steve- Elizabeth Savage, Deputy Headteacher
Circus Themed Week

Excellent!!!!- Elizabeth savage, Deputy Headteacher
I felt Steve is really in tune with what children like and need. He differentiates fantastically so all children can achieve and those that excel can do so. There was a good range of activities and the children responded enthusiastically. Parents also really valued the assemblies and seeing all our children, including those are sight and disability challenged, achieving. - Elizabeth Day, Headteacher
Visit/s: 06/01/2006, 8 - 13/10/2007

We learnt a lot and will be prepared for a full week in October. Thank you.- Liz Day
Sacred Heart High School
020 8863 9922
14th July 2009
End of Term Fun Day

Yet again another great day of activities. Jebb has a wonderful attitude and manner with the pupils and they all thoroughly enjoy the challenges set them. The programme suits all abilities and can be thoroughly recommended. I look forward to welcoming them again at my school- Linda Quinn, Head of Year
Can i book the same days for next year?!- Sacred Heart High School
Visit/s: 19/07/2005

The presenter was very good. The girls found him entertaining and enjoyed participating. They were able to try a variety of activities that challenged them mentally and physically.- Teacher
Denmead School
Visit/s: 01/07/2005

What a fantastic day! The boys loved it (and so did I) and have been talking about it ever since. Plenty of variety and something for every taste and level of ability. Paul was superb and interacted extremly well with the boys while maintaining discipline and safety. We will definatly want you to come back.
Thank you!!- Amanda Bee
Waverley School
Waverly is a school for pupils with servere and profound learning difficulties, just to give a bit of a background. All the pupils had a chance to join in, even with the tightrope walking.
The demonstrations were good but could of been a little more small group or individual as some of our pupils have problems focusing on things that are away from them.
Staff participation was at a height - one teacher nearly broke his neck trying to have a go at EVERYTHING.
Generally a great time was had by all and we are saving up for another go. Thank you.- Margaret Regan
Mount Stewart Junior School
Visit/s: 14/5/2005

I was at both the morning and afternnon sessions with a total of nearly 60 children. The general feeling was one of delight and a sense of achievment, particularly in the session for the year 5 + 6 children. They all enjoyed themselves enormously and were all chatting about it on the Monday afterwards.
A most memorable day in my life as a parent, I even learnt to juggle!
Paul was excellent with the children and they all really warmed to him.- Anne Geary
The Sacred Heart RC High School
Visit/s: 15 - 17/7/2002
15 & 16/7/2003
13 & 14/7/2004

2003 “There are so many of our pupils that have gone home with a new skill after a day or a half day workshop – it was super. Thank you it was brilliant!”.
George Rogers (Teacher) “An excellent couple of days, enjoyed by all. A variety of skills that were definitely challenging but do-able.”
2004 Linda Quinn "What appeared to be easy was in fact quite tricky to master. The workshop engaged all the pupils without the barrier of academic ability. I am certainly more appreciative of the skills that I watch at the circus now!"
- Judy Ward, Senior Co-ordinator
Raglan Junior School
0208 360 3731
Visit/s: 10/5/2002, 9/5/2003, 10 - 14/11/2003, 28/1/03

“Excellent day – Thanks very much. All the children achieved something today small and large.”
- Stella Kyriacou
Priestmead First School
Visit/s: 8/3/2002, 12/6/2004, 24 & 25/5/05

24 & 25/5/05 Excellent! Thanks again to Steve, Jebb and the team. 2nd time around and still fantastic. Inspired with what you can do with 30 peacock feathers!!! Children (and staff) had a real sense of achievement. Thanks for all your energy Jebb!- Mr S. Hamidi, Teacher
Visit/s: 15 & 16/5/2002

“It was a fantastic experience for all our children, they haven’t stopped talking about it – staff too! Looking forward to next time!
(2004) Ruth Roe “Thank you for your time at such short notice, spent teaching our children different skills. My son is still talking about the time he spent at the ‘circus’ and is still practising his plate spinning and juggling. He thoroughly enjoyed it, along with the other children who had a go!- Mrs C. Costello