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Staffordshire Teacher Reviews
Abbey Hulton Primary School
01782 235551
14th July 2017
Circus Workshop

We particularly liked Craigs explanation of his own journey and the need for resilience - a quality we are keen to develop in our pupils. A fabulous experience which our children enjoyed and which gave them opportunity to develop skills of the body and the mind. - Joanna Marsh , Teacher
Victoria Community School
01283 239146
06th April 2017
Circus Workshop

Very good- Carole Devine, Business Manager
Abbots Bromley Prep School
01283 840232
07th July 2016
End of Term Surprise Session

Thanks Steve, pupils at Abbots Bromley Prep had a great morning doing circus skills and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
All of our pupils from Foundation to Y6 took part and there were activities for all abilities and ages.
Steve was very approachable, patient and made it fun for all.
We look forward to repeating the experience in the future.- Wendy Gordon, Headteacher
Halmer End Childrens Club
01782 722685
17th March 2014 - 31st March 2014
The children in our group were from 5 to 10 years old, so had differing concentration/skill levels, but most of them really enjoyed the 2 sessions.- Helen Trippier, Childrens Club Leader
Forest Park Primary School
01782 234979
What a fantastic day! Steve tailored the entire day to suit our needs, making the experience amazing for children, staff and parents alike! One parent even returned without his daughter to have a second go at the workshop!

The children were buzzing about the day for a while after, and we had some lovely literacy and numeracy activities that followed on from the circus workshop!

I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a different, exciting and engaging day for children of any age!

Thanks so very much Steve, I hope we will be lucky enough to book you again soon :- Hayley Sutton, Head of Year
Richard Heathcote Primary School
01782 720406
A great experience for the children!!- Lisa Chell, Teacher
Brewood CE (C) Middle School
01902 850266
08th December 2011
Reward Day

It was accessible to all children. They all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I know there will be a lot of juggling balls on their Christmas lists this year!!
Thank you for a wonderful day.- Annie Barrett, Assistant Headteacher
St Thomas More Catholic College
01782 234734
23rd June 2011
Circus Skills Fun Day - 2nd Year

Excellent as usual. Pupils of all ages were challenged to achieve new skills and became determined to achieved.
Enjoyable sessions- Lisa Whitemore, Head of Physical Education
Lichfield Cathedral School
01543 306170
17th May 2011
20th June 2012
Circus Skills Fun Day

Circus Skills Fun Day

The children had a wonderful time and I have had excellent feedback from the staff. A throughly entertaining morning. Well done.- Mrs Annette Hill, Staff Secretary/EVC
Longton High School
01782 599232
28th January 2010
Circus Skills for 'Development Day'

Students were extremely excited and thoroughly enjoyed the activities on offer. They enjoyed using the equipment and were particularly challenged by the unrideable bike. The instructor was superb, handled the students very well and kept them entertained with his own skills. Lots of positive comments generated by staff and students. Would definately book again in the future. Thank you very much for an outstanding service. - Miss Stacie Bott, Teacher
The Grove Nurture Plus Playscheme
07763 610076
26th August 2009
Circus Skills Fun day at Summer Playscheme

Excellent - a fantastic session and Paul was amazing. I really enjoyed it!! The children all had a great time as well and we will definately be booking again with Shooting Stars for our future playschemes. Paul was very good with the children and firm but funny and informative. We all loved it! - Sally Longstaff, Playscheme Coordinator and Leader
St Michael's CofE Primary School
01543 510778
08th February 2011
04th July 2008
28th May 2012 - 31st May 2012
Circus Themed Week

The whole school had a fantastic week. Every child from Nursery to year 6 was excited and involved in the week, The children are still talking about it now! I would highly recommend Shooting Stars for a fun, exciting and positive week.- Lyn Elcock, Head of Year
3rd Tear - Circus Skills Fun Day

The children and staff had a super day thank you. The children are still talking abut it and practising their new skills whenever they can!- Mrs lyn Elcock, Head of Year
Circus Skills workshop

Excellent!!!!- Jo Nickolls, Deputy Headteacher
Chase Terrace Technology College
01543 682286
24th July 2008
28th July 2009
27th August 2015
Summer School

The day was absolutely fantastic and the students really enjoyed the experience. Stuart , our instructor, was amazing. His instructions to students were really simple and clear and the students were given ample opportunity to enjoy individual skills and pieces of equipment. It was a great day and one that I would repeat without hesitation.
- Julia Hayburn, Director of Student Support
Circus Skills Fun Day

An excellent workshop that all pupils thoroughly enjoyed.- Kate Williams, Teacher
Circus Fun Day

Very good response from all students who enjoyed the plate spinning best of all- Mrs L Stringer, Head of Year
Kids loved it and most all achieved somthing on the day! Many thanks!!- Malcom Harris
Marsh Primary School
01782 394900
The day was excellent from start to finish. The children really enjoyed the experience and talked about it for many days afterwards. Each child, from reception to year 6 showed a keen intrest and remained on task for the whole workshop. The school will certanly be using shooting stars circus skills in the future- Mike Chaplin, Teacher
All Saints CE First School
01538 483235
24th June 2015 - 26th June 2015
Shine Day - Families at School

It was a brilliant experience, all of our pupils, parents and grandparents loved it, everyone fully participated and commented afterwards that they loved learning new skills alongside the children. - Leanda Mullen, Deputy Headteacher
'The day was fun because we had never had the experience before, I didn't think I'd ever go on a unicycle'. Caroline Yr 2
'I'd never been on a tightrope before. I thought it would be hard but it was quite easy'. Emeha Yr 2
Learners were very enthusiastic, both pupils and staff enjoyed experiencing new skills.- Miss Murray, Yr 2 teacher
St Luke's CE Primary School
A thoroughly enjoyable workshop enjoyed by all pupilsand staff alike. We only had a short amount of time but children learned new skills and took away memorable experiences. We will definately consider booking again - and for longer. No hesitation in recommending Shooting Stars to anyone interested.- Kevin Grayson
School Improvement Division
Visit/s: 17/11/2005

Loved it! Just the ticket for gwtting teachers reflecting on the programme which asked them to work together, be resourceful and keep trying.- Jan Gibbs
Visit/s: 23/11/2005

Fantastic. The two performers were exactly what we wanted.- Jan Gibbs
Trentham High School
Circus Skills Workshop

Excellent H & S talk at start and during workshop. Interest levels were 'Sky High!' All the pupils were thrilled with the day. Thanks to Paul's encouragement the more able began to tutor the more unsure pupils. Many of the pupils were amazed at the rate their skills developed, skills they didn't know they had. Their confidence has grown as a direct result of the day and there is now a waiting list for the next time you visit. I've even purchased a box of equipment from you so we can continue to practice while we wait to book the next one. I'm trying to convince other departments to contact you about the 'subject specific' classes you're developing.- Emma Poole
Visit/s: 17/12/2005

Thank you so much. Paul was fabulous with our pupils and the whole day was everything I hoped for and more. The pupils were thrilled with everything and they went home buzzing!
Our A&T do-ordinater was very impressed and has agreed to at least two more days next year so i'll be in touch after the christmas break.
I'd also like to buy some circus equipment so we can practice after school.
Thank you once again and a Merry Christmas to all of you.- Emma Poole
Highfields Primary School
Visit/s: 04/10/2005

The Brownies had a lovely session and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They have all now gained their circus skills badge.- Penny Williams
St Christopher's Catholic Primary School
01902 434310
Visit/s: 21/07/2005

An excellent session once again, well organised and thoroughly enjoyed by the children.
Many Thanks!- Amanda Skidmore
Kingsbury Comprehensive School
Many Thanks - overseen by another member of staff - generally enjoyed by all.- Gill Noble
Cooper Perry Primary School
Visit/s: 11/7/2001

“Excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed by children and adults. Spot on! Thanks for a great day.- Mr S. Hall, Headteacher
The Dove First School
Visit/s: 4/5/2001

“We liked the idea of the early part of the session ‘having a go’ at all the exciting equipment, then spending the rest of the session really working at learning a skill. The children who worked in this manner got most out of the day. Very good value.”- Mrs F. Whitefield
St Margaret Ward Catholic High School
01782 234477
04th July 2008
Circus Activity Week

Leanne Willetts is a great person to have in school as part of our annual festival. She is great with the kids and knows her job very well. Shooting Stars Circus is always a proffessional provider of activities that the pupils really enjoy participating in. Thank you once again Leanne and Steve.- Lisa Sinaguglia, Performing Arts secretary
The practicioner you provided just could not have been better. Great with the kids!! Lovely lady!!- Lisa Sinaguglia
Visit/s: 5/3/2003
9 - 11/7/2003
12 - 14/7/2004

Performing Arts Week

(2003)“We would like to convey our very special thanks to you for your much valued and inspiring contribution to our first Arts Festival. Feedback from pupils and staff alike was imaginative, positive and recorded moments of humour, discovery and passion. Thank you for playing such a vital role in this new venture and as we look towards 2004, perhaps you might allow us to contact you once again?”
(2004) Mr Pearson “Smaller groups may have been better. Some excellent achievements by pupils ie walking on stilts and learning to ride a unicycle.
Janet Perkins "An excellent inclusion for our Arts Festival. Everyone loved it!- Janet Perkin, Head of Performing A