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Wiltshire Teacher Reviews
Wanborough Primary School
01793 790269
17th July 2017
Circus Workshop

A great day. Just wish we had longer. Thank you.- Lana Tilley, Admin Officer
Churchfields the Village School
01225 703026
17th September 2014
Circus Skills Workshop

A fantastic day enjoyed by all. Thank you so much. The children and staff had a wonderful time and this has helped inspire further learning. A great wow day! - Maria genner, Teacher
Westlea Primary School
01793 870469
29th January 2014
Yr 5 Project Day - Review of workshop in 140 words for Twitter

The children thought Steve was a genius! They all thoroughly enjoyed the day and so did the adults too! Steve has a wonderful way of working with children and really inspired them...they havent stopped juggling and balancing feathers since! Were already looking forward to our circus week in July. - Julie Neale, Teacher
Preshute Primary School
01672 512754
Circus topic day

"That was brilliant" was the first comment I heard leaving the hall today from one of my shy pupils! My whole class learned such a lot this morning! Steve had lots of fun teaching the children all sorts of new skills. I was delighted that my less confident children participated in the final performance. Steve gave us some very practical ideas to follow up with in the classroom. Happy days!- Anne Hancock, Teacher
South Wilts Grammar School
01722 323326
06th June 2011 - 07th June 2011
11th June 2012 - 12th June 2012
The students were fascinated by the variety of challenges and the expertese of the instructors. They worked so hard and concentration was maintained throughout the day.A thoroughly enjoyable experience for staff and students alike- it was brilliant to see the girls working so hard to perfect skills and help each other succeed. A great physical and mental workout.- Miranda MacTaggart, Teacher
3rd Year! 2 Circus Fun Days

juggling great fun- Rachel, Teacher
2 Day Circus Skills Workshops - 2nd year

All the students left the day with a huge sense of achievement. Everyone learnt to do something that they had never done before.
Determination, perseverence, social support and encouragement were all evident throughout the day.
The girls were physically active without realising how hard they had worked , co ordination ,balance, agility and co-operation were skills they mastered with huge smiles on faces!- Miranda MacTaggart, Teacher
Charter Primary School
01249 447 223
08th June 2011 - 09th June 2011
2 days - Circus Skills Workshops

Our children really enjoyed the experience and had a fabulous time. It was a truly inclusive day for all. The enthusiam and delight displayed by the children was a pleasure to see. The children are still trying out their new skills and talking about the perfomance session at the end of the workshops. Thank you very much.- Rachel Griffiths, Deputy Headteacher
Eldene Primary School
01793 525908
27th May 2011
Circus Skills Fun Day

We dont have a single criticism. Im not sure if this is more of a compliment to you or an insult to us, but one of our teachers said it was the best day she had had since coming to the school 4 years ago!- Susan Joslin, Headteacher
Orchid Vale Primary School
01793 704 003
08th September 2010 - 10th September 2010
Circus Themed Week

Our circus experience was fantastic! Russ has really fostered an enthusiasm for circus skills and we now have many children bringing in theri own equipment to pay with a lunchtimes. The performance that they put on was excellent and was a wonderful way to end the circus week!
Thanks- Helen Rao, Deputy Headteacher
Winsley CofE Primary School
01225 863365
Summer Fete

Thank you so much to yourselves and Paul for a great afternoon. Paul was brilliant, jolly and enthusiastic and a real asset to our afternoon.
Winsley PTA- Nadine Capetti, PTA Chair
Westbury Junior School
01373 822695
27th February 2009
Circus Skills Fun Day

Really enjoyed this whole experience. At all times our pupils were engaged, learning and having fun. We shall definately be booking again next year.- Victoria May, Head of Year
Holy Trinity C. of E. School
01249 812424
12th July 2008
Circus Skills Fun Day

We had a great afternoon of fund raising for the school we had loads of coments with the circus play pen as we called it.

Many thanks
Kids just love it
- Holy Trinity School, Vic Chair of the Freinds
Mountford Manor Primary School
01793 536494
This is just a quick email to say a big thank you to Paul for a fantastic 2 days of circus skills at Mountford Manor Primary School. The children had a superb time and really enjoyed the whole experience...they couldn't stop talking about it. Many thanks.- Clare Dare
Brinkworth Earl Danby's School
01666 510406
Circus Skills Workshop

"Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day and the children and activities were expertly managed. The activities were accessible to all levels of ability and the children were inspired to continue after the event."- Suki Pascoe
Eldene Primary School
01793 525908
A great day - the circus skills workshops were the highlight of day.
I overheard a year one child begging the instructors to come back the next day!
- Heather Kellett, Teacher
Bishop Wordsworth's CE Grammar School
01722 333851
10th July 2008
Circus Skills Fun Day

Excellent!!!- Pip Shingles, Teacher
Visit/s: 20/06/2005

Some very enjoyable sessions which the students thoroughly enjoyed.- Pip Shingles
Visit/s: 21/6/05

I've meant to be in touch before now to thank Paul for such an enjoyable
day on the 21st. The students were appreciative when they spoke to me
afterwards and several went out and bought themselves juggling balls and
devil sticks and tell me they'll be busking in the holidays! I've
achieved a pb of 24 in my juggling which I feel triumphant about.
I've recommended you to colleagues in other schools and if we have an
activities week again next year (I hope so)I'll certainly be in touch.
Once again, thank-you. Pip- Pip Shingles, Teacher
Wilton CE Middle School
Visit/s: 14/07/2005

Excellent, very enthusiastic. Perfect.- .
The Stonehenge School
01980 623407
12th November 2008
25th September 2013 - 27th September 2013
11th July 2014
The students all loved the day, so did the staff, absolutely super time had by all. - Jenny Wallis, Teaching Assistant
Taster Day/Yr 6 Transition

We were extremely impressed with the instructor. At very short notice we were informed that twice as many primary students would be attending for a taster day we were running. The instructor didnt bat an eyelid and agreed to instruct the whole group. The day was a real success and the students really enjoyed the day. - Matt Edmunds, Head of Year
A fantastic day for children, no matter what their ability. Really enjoyed it.- Matt Edmunds, Head of Year
3 Days of Circus Skills with Yr 7 (6th Year)

Our students had a wonderful time and learnt stacks of new skills - thank you again!- Claire Barclay, Head of Year
Excellent! Thanks Steve, the kids always have a great time. See you again next year.- Tracy Roberts
Fitzmaurice Primary School
Visit/s: 22 & 23/4/2004

“Any negative comments relate to the time to do everything – time needed for proper demo but then not much time for children to practice (we probably need 3 days!)”.- Mrs Shiel Taylor, Headteacher
Nadder CE Middle School
Visit/s: 16/1/2004

“Children loved it, really enthusiastic – want you to return. Lovely approach and manner with the students. An ideal amount of free time in the workshops for children to experience the activities – if they were longer – more structured tricks would have been good.”- Mrs E. Cook
North Bradley Primary School
Visit/s: 3 & 4/7/2003

“We were delighted with the two days your staff spent with us. The children were inspired and looked after well, which is essential for this age group. Thank you very much!- Mrs O’Brien
Lea & Garsdon Primary School
01666 823534
06th July 2009
Circus Themed Week

Paul gave us an excellent week the children are still buzzing about it.
Thank you very much.- Mrs Elisabeth Bowyer, Headteacher
Circus Skills Workshop

This was so good we would like to book a whole week in June/July 2009 for a Circus Week with Y5/Y6 pupils.- Mrs E Bowyer
Visit/s: 29/1/2003

“Thanks for an excellent day – we all loved it”- Mrs Bowyer,, Headteacher
Neston Primary School
01225 810478
17th May 2010 - 21st May 2010
Circus Themed Week

An absolutely stunning week. We have never had so many positive comments from children, parents and staff. It really was a moment the children will never forget. Thank you both very much and really look forward to meeting again sometime very soon in the future.
Comment from Yr 6 student "I was born for this".- Mark Solomon, Deputy Headteacher
Visit/s: 21/5/2002

“Staff impressed by safety training they received, and their involvement in the sessions. Personality and manner of Steve Grainger was great. Wonderful to have the use of the digital camera. One of the best ‘whole school’ days we have ever had. Lots of positive feedback from parents whose children usually go home and tell them nothing!” - Mrs Linda Davies
St Edmund's CE Girls' School
14 - 16/7/2003

“For two girls to be confident on the large ball was excellent, also so many able to walk/use tall stilts! Tightrope skills – many enjoyed. Helping each other – good group work.”- M. Jelves
Newtown Primary School
28 - 31/8/2002
28/7 - 1/8/2003

SPLASH scheme

“An excellent 4 days – brilliant thank you – So good to see all the children’s attempts being valued! Self esteem going up and up! Confidence growing and all children did really well in the show”.- Mrs S. Ivermee,, Headteacher
Sherston Primary School
01666 840237
Visit/s: 22 & 23/5/2002

“Both children and adults enjoyed the day and have been talking about it ever since. It was a very good way to start off our circus topic and has provided the children with first hand experiences to build on. Thank you.”- Nick Bowditch,, Headteacher
Ivy Lane Primary School
01249 652556
21st September 2009
Circus Skills 'Maths' Themed Week

Staff, children and parents all had a thoroughly good week. It was a great way to start our Year of Maths.- Linda Kalbskopf, Teacher
Visit/s: 18 - 22/4/05

It was a brilliant week. All the children really enjoyed themselves. The children all learnt new skills and enjoyed taking part in the end of week show. We have had lots of comments from parents saying how impressed they were with the show and with the skills the children picked up within a week.- Mrs Christine Marshall, Headteacher
Visit/s: 7/3/2002

Linda Kalbskopf “At KS1 (year 2) all children were very keen and every child was able to have a go at everything they wanted to. Workshop staff were very helpful and enthusiastic.”
Anna Lawrence “A wonderful session, enjoyed by all who took part. Thank you.”
Claire Lemon “An excellent morning, thoroughly enjoyed by all children and teachers alike. Fantastic equipment. All children active all the time. Great fun.”
- Linda Kalbskopf
Lowbourne Junior School
Visit/s: 24 & 25/3/2004

“Excellent. Children would have liked more time and as much we will book you again for a longer period!”- Mr J.M. Bartlett