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Worcestershire Teacher Reviews
Offenham First School
07764 862048
16th May 2015
14th May 2016
The children loved the circus skills and since the event I have had 3 people ask for your number :- Thankyou- Samantha Goodall, PTA - Spring Fayre Chair
St Lukes CE First School
01527 541219
26th June 2014
13th May 2015
All day workshop with Reception Children

Again, an excellent very enjoyable day delivered by an amazing instructor with lots of talent. Thank you!- Laura Cockram, Assistant Headteacher
An excellent and very enjoyable day for all. Thank you so much! We would love to have you back for future workshops for the whole school. - Laura Cockram, Deputy Headteacher
Broadheath Primary School
01905 640285
18th June 2012 - 19th June 2012
2 Circus Skills Fun Days

A great experience for our children, encouraging perseverance, acceptance of failure, risk taking. The workshops enabled pupils and there were no barriers, it was a very inclusive. Thank you.- Sue Bennettt, Headteacher
Blackwell First School
0121 445 1622
30th January 2012
Circus Topic

The children had a great day. Some parents commented that they shared what they learned at home.- Helen Townsend, Senior teacher
Bishop Perowne C of E High School
01905 746819
11th July 2011
09th July 2012
06th July 2015 - 08th July 2015
09th July 2014 - 11th July 2014
Activities Week

Have been working with Shooting Stars for some years now and, while I dont book other activities every year for our Arts Week, we always have Shooting Stars. The sessions are interactive and fun whilst also being informative and challenging. They apply to all ages of students and the delivery of them is dynamic and motivating. Many thanks for giving our students such positive and exciting experiences. - John Plant, Assistant Head Teacher
Arts Week

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the work that Shooting Stars did with our students during Arts Week this year.
Jeb is absolutely brilliant with our kids and communicates such a love and enthusiasm for everything that he does. As always we have had some excellent feedback from both staff and students alike on his sessions. I'd be grateful if you could pass on our thanks to him. - John Plant
Shooting Stars are always a real highlight of our Arts Week each year. You provide a vivid, imaginative, energetic and fun workshop for our students which enables them to enjoy and learn at the same time. Our facilitator this year, Jeb, was absolutely fabulous - so good with the students, so lively and took an active and much valued role in our final sharing at the end of the week. Thank you so much once again to all at Shooting Stars - our Arts Week would not be the same without you. - John Plant, Assistant Head Teacher
Activities Week

We have had Shooting Stars as a part of our annual Arts Week for several years now. Every year they prove to be a favourite amongst our students out of the dozens of other activities that run during the week. They are exciting, motivating and dynamic sessions supported by excellent delivery and fabulous resources. This year one of our ex students returned specifically to spend her time with Shooting Stars for the three days they were with us. Thank you once again for giving our students such a fantastic experience.
This year Steve did a performance demonstration to a larger group of students. This worked really well and is something I may ask Shooting Stars to do for us each time they visit. It was delivered to 100 Year 7 students - some of whom had previously been in the workshop with Steve - and it gave them the opportunity to see just what is possible with practice.- John Plant, Assistant Head Teacher - Director of Arts
Arts Week

Shooting Stars delivered a series of six 90 minute workshops as part of our Arts Week. Following the workshops there were many of the students who declared them to be the best activity of the Arts Week experience. The workshop leader had an excellent manner with the students and was able to motivate them to enjoy and learn from participating. He was also extremely accomodating when we had to change him to a different space. Thank you. An extremely positive experience for us all and one which we will definitely be repeating.- John Plant, Assistant Head Teacher/Director Of Arts
Charford First School
01527 873778
18th July 2011
End of Year Treat

Very professional service - children enjoyed every moment of workshop - a pity it couldnt have lasted longer!
Will definitely be rebooking if funds allow
Thank you- Wendy, Head of Year
Finstall First School
01527 872938
28th June 2011
Circus Skills Fun Day - 5th Year

A thoroughly enjoyable day!- Joanna Smith, Teacher
Sedgeberrow C Of E First School
01386 881391
05th January 2011 - 07th January 2011
07th January 2015 - 09th January 2015
Fantastic experiemce all round - accessible for all pupils and teaching exciting but relevant skills for life.
Will definitely be booking again but for more days this time.- Michele Humphreys, Headteacher
Circus Skills Week with Show

Fantastic experience all round. Children practising their communication, team work, concentration, hand eye co-ordination, whilst thoroughly enjoying themselves and acquiring new skills which they will continue to develop. Will definitely be rebooking.- Mrs Humphreys, Headteacher
Westacre Middle School
01905 772795
13th October 2010
Circus Skills Fun Day

Just a huge thank you for a very well organised service from my first e-mail to the day of the event. Our children loved all the activities and were enthralled. The timing was great- mostly calm juggling and then a short mad burst of activity on all the rest of the equipment which they were very keen to get their mitts on!

Once again thank you- Rcahael Adey, Head of Year
Abbey Park First & Nursery School
01386 552722
01st December 2009
13th March 2010 - 14th March 2010
17th June 2011
05th December 2011
12th September 2016 - 16th September 2016
Circus Themed Week

We all had a fabulous week. The children have learnt so many skills and have grown in confidence. Steve is amazing with the children and differentiates and caters for all of their needs. A huge thank you to Shooting Stars and we cant wait to have you back again.- Claire Mitchell, Deputy Headteacher
Circus Skills Fun day

Excellent as always - the kids are always buzzing from a visit!- David Johnson, Headteacher
PTA Event

This is the first time we have used Shooting Stars for a PTA event and it worked well as it encouraged the parents to stay for longer than normal.- David Johnson, Headteacher
Family Learning Day - Extended Schools

Thanks Steve
Very enjoyable experience. Thanks also for getting the ball rolling with the extended services funding.
take care
David Johnson- David Johnson, Headteacher
Circus Skills Fun Day

This was a fantastic day, all our pupils were able to have a go.
The children developed a range of skills in a very short time, I was particularly impressed by the way in which it developed their listening skjills and the ability to follow instructions.
The hall was filled with laughter and I was worried a little at the end that some of our most inspired performers might even try to run away with the circus!
- David Johnson, Headteacher
Circus Skills Fun Day

The children really enjoyed the Circus Skills workshops, it was lovely to hear the laughter and feel the concentration. The day will remain in the childrens' memories for many years to come Thanks very much for your hard work.- David Johnson, Headteacher
New College Worcester
01905 763933
21st November 2009
Circus Skills Fun Day

My evaluation was based on the feedback forms we recieved from visitors on the day, which was all excellent.- Annaliese Stanton, Marketing manager
St Matthias C of E Primary School
01684 574984
22nd June 2009
07th November 2009
17th October 2016 - 21st October 2016
Circus Themed Week

We love having a Circus Skills Week at St Matthias. Steve is amazing with the children and each child progresses in the skills they learn through the week. The highlight is the show at the end where the parents can come and watch the children perform. A wonderful experience for everyone.
- Mrs Ginnie Beale, Deputy Headteacher
Family Learning Day
Family Learning Week, coordinated nationally by the Campaign for Learning and the DfES, is all about getting family members of all ages to try new activities and have some fun together.

Great activity day for familes and catered from all age groups from 2 years old upwards!- Claire Davies, Headteacher
Circus Themed Week

Thank you for fittting us in at such short notice. This was a really worthwhile experience for both pupils and staff. It was great to see the children achieving seemingly impossible things!!
The staff were a bit worried beforehand about having somethng extra to do in an already busy schedule but soon realised they could relax and let the week run itself. Thank you to Steve and Jackie for all your hard work - you were wondeful!!- Claire Davies, Headteacher
Rushwick Primary School
01905 422502
30th September 2008
Extremely professional- A Booton, Teacher
Circus Fun day

A very exciting valuable experience.- Ann Booton, Teacher
Regency High School
01905 454828
16th May 2009
Circus Fun day

Very Good- Helen Bryant, Teacher
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic First School
01527 546398
09th September 2015
27th March 2009
Circus Topic

A great way to start our topic. Children left feeling enthusiastic and excited about their learning.- Emma Barratt, Teacher
Circus Fun Day

We had a fantastic day. Thank you so much. The explanations and instructions were pitched at exactly the right level for our Year 2 children. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and it really brought our circus topic alive! Leanne was excellent and we would definitely like to book her again next year. - Kate Dolan, KS1 Co-ordinator
Blackminster Middle School
01386 830311
23rd June 2008
Yr 6 Activity week

You provided a well balanced and constructive experience. All children had the opportunity to develop their own skills and you maintained a controlled but supportive learning environment. Most of all we had FUN!!- Pat Watson, Head of House/KS2 Progress Manager
Heathfield School
01562 850204
10th May 2008
Fun Day

An excellent range of equipment provided, and the instructor (Paul), was very good and patient with the children and adults alike!
A brilliant fun day, with positive feedback from everyone who attended our event.- Davina Bird, PTA
Northleigh C of E Primary School
01684 574889
18th February 2008
08th February 2010 - 12th February 2010
14th February 2011
06th February 2012 - 10th February 2012
Circus Themed Week - 7th Year

The children had a great time and it was another successful circus skills week.- Adrian Pratley, Deputy Headteacher
Circus Themed Week - 5th Year

Another fantastic week! Thank you very much Steve and Jackie. It was truly amazing to see how talented our year 5 and 6 children are, having experienced these workshops since they were in Year 1.- Rose Carberry, Headteacher
Circus Skills 'Themed Week'

Circus skills week is always an excellent end to the half term. The children and staff thoroughly enjoy the experience and the children are totally engaged and follow up the week by attending half term workshops. It is really evident the progress that the children are making and it is clear to the instructors who now know the school well how much progress the children have made. I have always been impressed with how skillfully the children who show promise are extended and encouraged throughout the week. Many thanks to both Jackie and Steve.- Rose Carberry, Headteacher
Circus Themed Week

The whole week was a very enjoyable, worthwhile and valuable learning experience for everyone involved . We will definitely be booking Shooting Stars again. Thank you very much- Karen Williams, Headteacher
Dyson Perrins CE High School
very good!- Alan Talbot
Rose Hill Special School
The children loved it, staff were really enthusiastic too. Everyone enjoyed the activities and contributed to a really great day. we will definatly use shooting stars agian.- Helen Bryant
Cropthorne with Charlton C of E First School
01386 860246
All really enjoyed the circus skills workshop. Everyone would like to do them yearly! the children found: Good choice of equipment, Felt very safe, teacher was good and helpful and taught lots of new things, learnt a lot and really interesting! the children made the following comments; "Really, really good!" "Brilliant." "Ace." "Really really liked it." "excellent!" "Really good." "Got over stage fright." "superb!" - Carole Gregory
"I liked him showing us the equipment. I enjoyed the free time where we could try other things"
"I would have liked to have chosen what i did in the workshops instead of being given a task"
"I am really plaesed with myself, i can do things i could not do before like spinning a plate"
"I hope we can do it agin!"- Carole Gregory
Circus Skills Workshop

This was an excellent day. The children were absorbed in the activities and were totally engaged, demonstrating perserverance and determination to succeed.
Parents commented that the children had come home enthusiastically letting them know about the workshops and how much they would like to do it again.- Carole Gregory
Overbury C of E First School
01386 725235
Circus Skills Workshop

Children were engaged and interested all day - they loved it. Parents really impressed. Teachers enthusiastic.- Charlotte Davies
St Barnabas CE Primary School
01905 22766
19th December 2007
15th October 2007 - 19th October 2007
20th October 2008 - 24th October 2008
17th October 2011
Circus Themed Week - 9th Year

Fun for children to participate in. Good to see "non-acaademic" children excelling.- Jan Stockburn, Teaching Assistant
Circus Skills Themed Week

A fantastic week. Thank you.- Claire Davies, Deputy Headteacher
Circus Skills Week

Excellent!!!!!!!- Mrs A Deakin, Headteacher
Yr 5 & 6 Christmas Circus Party

A fantastic time was had by all our children- Clare Julian, chair of pta
Circus Skills Workshop

An excellent, very worthwhile experience for all children. We're all looking forward to next year already.

A fantastic week. The children really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Excellent activities. Children were engrossed with the circus skills and this in turn enthused them during the week in the classroom. It gave children the opportunity to excel in areas that they normally wouldn't have the opportunity to do in, contributing to their self-esteem.

We have had 3 visits from Shooting Stars now and it is wonderful how confident some of the children have become. The activity workshops have developed and it was lovely to see children succeed, what they thought, at the beginning, would be impossible.

Children thoroughly enjoyed the experience - more than one session would have been good.- Angela Deakin, Head Teacher
Haybridge High School
Circus Skills Workshop

An absolutely fabulous day! The students got so much out of the variety of activities and were buzzing with their new talents. Thank you very much!- Kerry Venskus - 01562 886213
Northwick Manor Junior School
01905 454430
Circus Skills Workshop

Every child whatever their ability were able to succeed. More time to actually practice using equipment would have been good. It was a shame only one tutor was available which meant certain activities couldn't be done. Very positive feedback from parents anc children.- Suzette Brunsdon - 01905 454430
St Georges C of E Primary School
01905 619454
Great fun for all!- Mr Steve Mills
All children, staff and audience really enjoyed the week and the end performance, the pupils always look forward to the next year!- Steve Mills, Teacher
Tenbury High School
A well thought out workshop which held the attention of a diverse group of children and young people for the whole day!- Caroline Palethorpe
Upton Primary School
Visit/s: 21/12/2005

Third visit from you, new experiences eg: Flower Sticks, very positive response from all children.- Emma French
Cutnall Green C of E First School
01299 851256
Visit/s: 10/11/2005

Excellent, very enthusiastic & motivated- Michelle Humphries, Head Teacher
Millfields First School
Visit/s: 11/07/2005

Children loved all of the activities and were trying them out days later in the playground - as we have the plates as a play activity.
Staff enjoyed watching and participated and commented on the way less able children were encouraged to take part in spite of disablities.
Thanks.- Caroline Hicks
Northwick Manor Primary School
01905 454430
30th April 2009
Circus Fun Day

Wonderful as always - Tina Lewis, schooln manager
Visit/s: 9th - 13th May 2005

Wonderful! We were delighted to see how well all the children responded to the circus skills. Parents have commented that the children have talked about it for days. Children who find other aspects of school more challenging often gained in self-esteem through the activities. Teachers suggest that they wear name badges so Steve & Jackie can call them by their names. Perhaps Steve could develop a stopping procedure e.g. hand clap etc. A great week thank you. If we can fund it we hope to do another week next year.- Sue Curphey, Headteacher
Oak Hill First School
01527 528523
Visit/s: 25/11/04

What a good workshop! The children loved it. They were all able to improve their skills and try out new skills/activities. All the children involved had a fabulous time, and so did the adults. One of the teachers in particular was not looking forward to having a go at things - and she was the one who enjoyed it most! Thanks again for a great day.- Mrs Jayne Edney, Year 2 Team Leader
Fairfield Community Primary School
Visit/s: 8 - 12/11/04

Excellent! The level of pride in their achievement was wonderful to see.- T. Kilgallon, Nursery Teacher
Meadows First School
An excellent week. Thank you. We have received such positive feedback from parents. Thank you!!- Pam Townsend, Headteacher
Witton Middle School
Visit/s: 18/7/2003

“An enjoyable experience for all. Pupils and staff!- Mr Bill Heptinstall
St Ambrose Catholic Primary School
Visit/s: 2/7/2004

“Excellent! A great day, fun for everyone!- Catherine Roberts
Badsey First School
Visit/s: 28/7/2004

“The circus instructor had an easy, friendly personality which helped when demonstrating circus skills. Good rapport with children.”- Shirley Tutton
Walkwood CE Middle School
01527 543361
Very good.- Mr Paul Cockram
Visit/s: 16/06/2005

An amazingly fun and engaging workshop, short snappy instructions ensured kids were on task & engaged from start to finish. Loads of equipment meant all children were able to participate.- Paul Cockram
Visit/s: 19/6/2003

“An excellent session keeping interest and enthusiasm throughout. Enough challenge for most able – plenty for less able to succeed at. Great day! Many thanks!”- Mr Paul Cockram
Simon de Montfort Middle School
“The pupils all participated fully and really enjoyed the whole experience.- Jane Pitkeathly
Church Lench C.E. First School
01386 871826
Visit/s: 27/4/2004

“Very impressed with the speed with which children were performing tricks with balancing peacock feathers. The little ones loved walking tightrope.”- Mrs H. Bainbridge, Headteacher
Upton-on-Severn Primary School
Visit/s: 17/12/2003, 17/12/04

17/12/03 “A superb day in which all children and teachers had great fun. The workshop staff, Steve & Jackie, were very approachable and developed good relationship with staff and children. It was fascinating to see Steve perform during the safety session and we felt as though we had had a performance during that time. We only wish we had been able to have more time and would consider organising similar days/weeks in the future. Thanks for a great day”.
17/12/04 Another great day enjoyed by everyone. Some children were pleased to develop skills from the previous year and others enjoyed the challenge of new activities. Thankyou once again - it was a great end to our term.- Lisa Kent-Davies
Droitwich Spa High School
Visit/s: 22 & 23/5/2003
25 & 26/5/2004

Alison Brotherstol (2003)“Excellent two days, the pupils really enjoyed themselves and learnt new skills. Thanks very much.
Rozanne Brookes (Sports Technician DSHS) (2004) “On behalf of all the staff and students at DSHS I would like to thank Paul Hawkins (instructor) for two brilliant days of circus skill. It was enjoyed by all.”
2005 Excellent!!!!!!!
- Rozanne Brookes, Sports Technician
Kempsey Primary School
Visit/s: 18/7/2003

“Excellent!! One 11 year old boy said ‘The best school day I’ve ever had!’”- Mary Flynn
Finstall First School
Circus Skills Workshop

Really enjoyable. The activities were very suitable. It was a brilliant end to our activities week. The children really enjoyed all the workshops and so did the staff.- Mrs Mary Lewis

"Children are still coming up to say how much they enjoyed the day especially the circus skills. Teaching staff and helpers have mentioned they are looking forward to your next visit! Parents have come to ask for contact number."- Mrs Mary Lewis
Moatfield Middle School
School closing day activity

“Everything was brilliant – Parents “COMPLAINED” that the pupils wouldn’t stop talking about it!”- Jackie Armstrong, Headteacher
Stourport High School
“Working with year 9 students, a one day course teaching circus skills and also running an after school club for all years has encouraged participation from both girls and boys. I would have no hesitation in recommending Shooting Stars Circus Skills”.- Ms Diane McGee
Pershore High School
Visit/s: 12 & 13/7/2001
9 & 10/7/2002
15 & 16/7/2003

“Excellent. I have recommended you to the person responsible for organising activities week next year.”- Natalie Walters
Ottilie Hild School
Visit/s: 18/3/2000

“The kids all loved it….Personally I thought it was great and will happily recommend you to anyone”- Mrs Angela Silk, PTA
Ridgeway Middle School
01527 892867
18th May 2009
Circus Skills Activity Week for Yr 5

a good all round week with excellent all round involvement and challenge.- Ian Tait, Head of Year
'I thought it was great, I didnt think I would be able to juggle at all' - Harry Carr. Harry gave a creditable performance in our afternoon show which impressed his parents too.
An excellent days teaching of new skills at a level that all children were able to achieve.
It is always a pleasure to work with Jackie and Steve who are keen for the children to achieve.
Overall opinion of year 5: 'we wish we could do circus skills everyday!'- Sue Howitt, Teacher
Visit/s: 16/5/2000, 1 & 2/5/2001, 7 - 9/5/2002, 3 - 5/6/2003, 17 - 21/5/04, 16 - 20/5/05

Alan Burgess Headteacher 2003 “It was great! Anyone who can get me on a tightrope has to be a miracle worker! The children were all absorbed in the activities throughout. You drew parent helpers into supervision with ease. It was wonderful to see the pupils who sometimes struggle in a classroom achieving success. I have it in mind to review our lunch time arrangements for children and may have a lunchtime ‘circus’ area.”

Sue Howitt 2004 “Excellent. I had a few concerns about pulling the year group together for a performance but we did get thereand the performance went great. Paul (instructor) again was excellent with both children and staff – a pleasure to work with. I would like to book again for next year 2005. I will be in touch with possible dates.”
2005 Sue Howitt: A fantastic week for all involved. All excellent work - children thoroughly enjoyed their day and the performance. A really worthwhile week - parent helpers thoroughly enjoyed their sessions too! Look forward to seeing you again next year.
- Alan Burgess, Headteacher
Corbett Primary School
Visit/s: 22/6/2001

“A Lovely fun packed day. Thank you for a wonderful day! The children are pestering me & asking when you will be back – soon hopefully.” - Cheryl Jones, Teacher
Catshill First School
01527 872913
Visit/s: 18 & 20/7/2000
13 & 19/12/2000

Working with years 1, 2 & 3 towards Christmas performance using Black Light Theatre with circus.

“We have lots of visitors to our school but Steve is a definite favourite. It is wonderful to watch all our children respond to him and the wide range of activities that he provides. I would recommend him unreservedly – and Ofsted loved him too!” - Mrs L. Tamplin, Headteacher
Crown Meadow First School
Visit/s: 21/6/2003

“Positive feedback, everyone enjoyed themselves. Nice to have learnt new tricks. Thanks very much.”- Alison Bointon