Ellowes Hall Sports College, Lower Gornal, Dudley

Out of School Hours Learning / School Sport Co-ordinators Programme Annual Monitoring Report (England) OSHL/SSCo Unique Reference Number (URN): E/SCO/2004/0283 Lead organisation name: Ellowes Hall School Reporting period: From: September 2005 To: August 2006 Increased participation in community based sport and improved quality of community life Activity 1: Circus Skills Targets 1. Improve co-ordination skills demonstrated within club and within PE sessions The programme has proven to be very successful in increasing pupils self confidence and co-ordination demonstrated in the club. Mixed results for links to Other areas including PE. Circus skills has been one of our most successful programmes. 19 staff were trained to work in 14 schools. All schools reported that successes were above expectations. Students who lacked confidence demonstrated determination and were very persistence in trying to master skills. With a number of schools involving pupils in a performance at the end of the programme. Schools will continue programme next year. Some schools are expanding their delivery to offer the programme to more pupils, whilst continuing the programme for the target group. All schools involved found that pupil’s co-ordination skills improved. Most schools such as Fairhaven Mt Pleasant, & Crestwood Park, reported that co-ordination improved both within the club and in PE sessions. Whilst others, such as Ashwood Park noticed an improvement within the club but were unsure if improvements in PE were due to the activity or if progress was due to growth & development Ashwood Park has arranged for another staff member to be trained. Although some schools felt it was still best to work with small groups and offer one skill per session to ensure students with weak skills were given the chance to develop. Ashwood Park had 3 children displaying new found confidence in other areas of the curriculum. 2. To improve handwriting and other day to day skills that required co-ordination. The Mere found that pupils improved in their ability to work in group situation. Only one school reported that handwriting & behaviour had noticeably improved (Fairhaven) One Mount Pleasant student described Circus Skills as best part of her week The Brier program has been “brilliant for pupils of poor behaviour & co-ordination 3. Increase confidence in mainstream physical activity and sport. All schools involved reported an increase in confidence. Elizabeth Coalter Partnership Development Manager 07799 070 550

Adoption UK - Janet Walker, Volunteer Co-Ordinator

On Sunday 25th November we held an Xmas party for our Adoption Support Group and were overjoyed with the level of entertainment provided by your instructor Jebb. He had the amazing ability to work with all ages and introduce an element of fun into everything he taught. Everyone felt a winner by the end of the day and the feedback has been nothing but praise. Jebb worked very hard and we would be grateful if you could extend our thanks to him on behalf of the whole group. Well done Shooting Stars for helping make our party such a glowing success.