"Neston Primary School 17th - 21st May 2010
Dear Steve & Jacky
Class 3 will very much miss you 2 we really did love your tricks. Thank you for helping us
Best wishes from class 3. "

"Neston Primary School 17th - 21st May 2010
Dear Steve & Jackie
We loved having you at Neston School. The tightrope was really great and every thing was really great. We hope you have sucess in your next school. Come back soon to Neston School. Best wishes
Rosie and Lily"

"Dear Steve & Jackie
I really appreciated it when you came and I would like to thank you for coming to our school. I got a question. How many people are there in the circus? I am guessing about 178
From Archie
Freeland Primary School Nov 2009"

"Dear Steve & Jackie
Thank you for teaching us fantastic circus tricks. My favourite circus skill is feather balancing.
From Poppy
Freeland Primary School Nov 2009"

"Thank you for the show of circus week. My favourite activity was spinning plates because it is amazing and I enjoyed watching my sister on the tightrope and I tell you about feather balancing. I put it on my hand and I didn't drop it. I hope you come back soon.
Love from James
Freeland Primary School Nov 2009"

"Dear Steve & Jackie
I liked to see you and I liked to see all your tricks. I loved the diabolo. I loved your talents
From Joshua
Freeland Primary School"

"Dear Steve & Jackie
Thank you for teaching us fantastic circus tricks. I have got a spinning plate, three juggling scarves and a peacock feather. Have you ever performed in a real circus? I haven't. But if I had I think I would have enjoyed it. Do you know how many different schools you have been to to teach circus tricks? My favourite trick was the diabolo. What was your favourite trick? The shows you helped us do were wonderful. But why didn't you have the big ball this time?
From Hannah
Freeland Primary School"

"Dear Steve
I loved learning circus skills it was fantabbytastick. Thank you very much we all loved it your the best globe walker I've ever known and the most handsomest.
from Alice (Freeland Primary 07)"

"Dear Jacky
you are the most beautiful astince I've ever known!
from Alice (Freeland School)"

""STILTS ROCK!" Bethany, age 8, Waltham Holy Cross Junior School"

"Learning these skills will help me in other aspects of my life - Megan, 13."

"Cropthorne with Charlton C of E First School - 5th December 2007
I learnt how to use a diabolo. It was hard but I did it! Ross Yr5"

"St Barnabas, Worcester
Thank you for teaching us all to be professional circus stars, hope you come again we really enjoyed it. It was soooo COOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! We have a request, could you show us how to do the two person skittle juggle, we think we will be able to pick it up very quickly.
Lots and lots of love
From all
PS. Thank you very much !!!!"

"Wigmore Primary School- Leominster. 3 - 6/4/2006
Thank you for teaching us the circus tricks, now I would really like to work at the circus. Thank you for all that you have done for all the class 4,5,6,3. We really enjoyed all the activities we have done. How do you learn the juggling so quickly? I've been watching your videos and doing your activity sheets and they are really good to do. All of class 6 have enjoyed what we have been doing, but I'm really sad because I want you to teach us more. lots of goodbyes. Class 6."

"Wigmore Primary School, Wigmore, Leominster
Visit: 3rd - 6th April 2006 'Circus Week'
Dear Steve, Jackie & Jena
Thank you for the circus tricks you tauat us and this week was 10/10 over all. I really enjoyed the whole week and wish you were the next week as well. Overall the whole of year 6 has enjoyed your visit.
Thank you for coming
your joyfully
Robin Yr 6"

"Dear Circus People,
Thank youfor coming in to Trinity Catholic School and teaching us circus skills. We all enjoyed it especially the unicycle and the stilts.
We found the unicycle the hardest. It was hard to balance on. The bestbit was the diabolo because it was challenging to catch it properly.
We hope you come again to our school as we enjoyed it so much and thank you for coming.
Yours sincerely Daniel, Ravi, Andy"

""Norbury School" VISIT/s: 31/10/2005 - 4/11/2005
Dear Steve & Matthew,
I am so thoroughly delighted you came to out school, I wonderif you can guess who i am? I am ten foot high and wear stripey clown trousers and have freckles. I am Bethan (i mean ten foot high Bethan.) I am a stilt walker. I realised that up onthe stilts, that i was in a world of delight, a world of experience, a world of everything you can think of, (apart from bad things.) Allow me to tell you how i felt when i first ever got on to those stilts.
Well, this was quite a big experience for me of course, because I have never tried "the stilts" before you came to our school. I hope you don't mind me saying this but you two are two excellent circus stars, now back to what i should be writing, like i was saying it was the experience of a life time to me! I realy hope you enjoyed it at our school, it seemed you enjoyed alot at school but i definatly know you did so pleeeeeeeeeease come again.
I must tell you this, but when you were there i was so terribly eager to come to school (I mean more eager than i normally am!) Next year I hope you come again.
If you come again I would like to go on the big stilts, and to be able to juggle with three scarves or balls. I just really, really hope you come next year, anyway thank you ever so much, for coming.
From Bethan (Norbury School)
P.S. A big thank you from all of my friends aswell."

"10/10 isn't enough I'd rate the workshop 1000000000000000 out of 1000000000000000!!!"

""It was so cool""

""I learn't how to juggle and it was ace!""

"7/6/05 St Theresa's Catholic Primary School, Sheffield.
I loved wearing the wacky waistcoats and pretending to be a clown when I was on the mini-bikes (Year 6 boy)
I'm going to ask at home if I can practise juggling with fruit, or even bananas! (Year 6 boy)

"18th - 22nd April 2005 Ivy Lane Primary School, Chippenham, Wiltshire.
Thank you for teaching me how to guggle. I am proud of you. And thank you for coming in to Ivy Lane School we all aprecheat it. Love from Harriet, Jemma, Dayle, Louise, Hollie and the hole of class 1L."

"Ridgeway Middle School, Redditch (01527 892867)
Belinda: Thank you for giving up your time to come to Ridgeway Middle to teach us circus skills. I really enjoyed everything you did and I have learned a lot thank you again.
Zhane: Thank you very much for coming to our school and teaching us circus skills I hope you come and teach us some more sometime again."

"Ivy Lane Primary School, Chippenham 18 - 22/4/05
I did enjoy it because we learnt new skills and had fun. I don't think any thing could be better really it was all cool. I think I might keep practising with the feather to get better. I would like Jackie and Steve to come to Ivy Lane again.
I enjoyed the circus because it was fun and it was something good for us to do. I think we could have longer to practise and learn more things. I think I could carry on with the juggling because that's the only equipment I've got. I do reckon that the circus should come again because I had good fun! by Amy
I liked circus skills because it was exciting and we learned lots of new things. On the first day it was really cool and exciting because we got to do lots of things in the amount of time we had, but we still had a great time. On the second day we learned how to spin plates on sticks and it was great because we learned lots of new tricks. Steve & Jackie were the best we have ever had because we thought they had every skill that we know of."

"Visit/s: 10/1/05 Dallas Road School, Lancaster
Better than playtime!
More free choice time.
Fun & exciting.
Interesting. We'd like you to come again.
Loved it!
Can we have some more?
Circus Skills in P.E.?

"Visit/s: 15/12/04 St. John the Baptist C of E Primary School, Pebmarsh, Halstead, Essex.
I enjoyed watching Sophie on the tall stilts and I also enjoyed balancing the feathers and watching the man balance a unicycle on his chin. It was a fantastic day and I wish I could do It again. Jalze (age 10)

It was really scary being 8 feet off the ground but I am so glad I did it, it was really fun. I found that I could do a lot of things I had never even thought about. Sophie (age 10)

"Horsenden Primary School Class 2S 13/10/2004
"When I was going to the hall to practice I felt nervous. But when I got in the hall it looked better than I expected. I was really really excited. Firstly we had to pick up two balls. Steve told us to make our arm next to our waist. Then we got one ball and we had to throw it and catch it. Then we had to throw the ball side to side. Then we got something called a diabolo we had to spin the diabolo".
(Teachers comment) "I'm glad you enjoyed it. This is a super recount"."

"Solent Infant School, Portsmouth
Visit/s: 12 - 16/7/04
I liked doing the tightrope and the diabolo because it's so much fun. The peacock feathers as well they were great too and the stilt walking was good as well. Matthew 2CJT

"Balsall Common Primary School, Coventry
Thank you for teaching me how to ride a unicycle. Here's a poem I made up
Circus Skills
Unicycles up and down
Everyone looks like a clown
The globe rolling on the floor
I'm not a beginner anymore
People on stilts up so very high
You make scarves learn how to fly
Unicycles up and down
Every one looks like a clown"

"Robinswood Primary School, Gloucester
Poem by Ashton Jones 2004
We did circus skills at school
And I had to learn to cycle
It wasn't just a normal bike
It is called a unicycle

I learnt to ride a unicycle
It was so much fun
Instead of having two wheels
It only had one

At first I would fall off
And land on my backside
But now I've got the hang of it
I find it easy to ride"

"Horsenden Primary school, Greenford, Middlesex
Visit/s: 9-11/6/2003, 8-11/10/2003, 7-9/6/2004, 11-16/10/2004
I am writing to thank you for an inspiring and extraordinary day we had on Monday 9th June. If I train for the circus when I grow up I will make sure I remember this. Thanks to you we took part in Tightrope, Diablo, juggling, unicycle, walking globe, stilts and many more. I particularly enjoyed stilts and unicycle even though I couldn't get on it. I was entertained by your speech about safety that really helped so much. You are so good at them all that my new target is to become as good as you. Best wishes from Amira Shahin"

"St Margarets Primary, Manchester
Visit/s:1/5/2002, 19/3/2003, 15 - 19/3/2004
I am writing this letter to tell you that I liked it when you came to our school and did those circus skills. I enjoyed it alot especially the juggling part because now not only can I juggle with scarves I can juggle with tennis balls and even cans, pens and shoes its so easy. I hope in the future that you will come to St Margarets Primary again and bring some new equipmentand I hope you will teach us some new, amazing and improved skills so that we can amaze our parents with some shocking new tricks. Yours faithfully Jason James"

"Priestmead First School, Middlesex
Visit May 2002
I think your show was Fantastic, Exelent! I like the tricks that you taught me thanks a lot. I liked to balance the feather. I liked every thing that I did. I wish the best for you. Best wishes from Vishal"

"Sea Mills Junior School, Bristol
I am very grateful for your visit to our school and it was very interesting. I learnt many things including juggling which I have improved in. You made learning things fun and you were funny. I thought you made learning things easy as you were encouraging and fun to be with. I enjoyed walking on the tightrope and all the other things you brought with you. Thank you Emma Claridge"

"St Margaret Ward, Stoke Arts Festival 2003
I had agreat time at the arts festival. Defenatly I liked the circus at the end of trying my best to do the stilts and in the end I managed to do it. I had a lot of fun thanks alot and please come again next year. from Laura Green 8SE"

"Foxmoor Primary School, Stroud
Visit/s: 4 - 9/6/2004
17 - 21/5/2004
Thank you for staying with us for a whole week. It was kind of you to come and help us with the circus. It was fantastic when I went on the little bike. Leanne and Natasha Class 5"

"Calow C.E. (V.C.) Primary School, Chesterfield. Visit 6th & 7th May 2003
"Thank you for coming to our school and showing us some wonderrful tricks. The most thing I enjoyed was going on the stilts and showing different tricks. Most of all I enjoyed the big blue ball. Hope you come next year. Best wishes Eloise Taylor"

"Pindar School, Scarborough. Visit November 2003
"Thank you for all your help in producing us in to circus people. Jodie G."

"St Nicholas C of E Primary School, Taplow, Maidenhead.
Visit: February 2004
"Thank you for training me on the tightrope and the pedalgo. I really thank you for the work-shop's. I really enjoyed the tightrope, it was really enjoyful for you to come. I really miss the circus stuff and i really miss you! I really enjoyed it. It was fantastic and now it's not fun without you here! from your best friend Jamie Fuller"

"Foxmoor Primary School, Stroud (01453 757251)
Class 8 – Children’s evaluation – done by them not teacher. “We learned we had talents we didn’t know we had. It’s all about balance, reacting quickly, concentrating,helping each other to achieve and practising and perservering. It helps us to find ways to work well in other lessons and learn more.”"