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Lancashire Teacher's Reviews

29th June 2011
26th June 2012
29th June 2017
St Michaels Primary School -
Circus Workshop for Schools 165th Birthday

A superb experience for our children and visitors as part of our 165th birthday celebrations!
- Mrs Sheena Henthorne, Teacher
16th July 2015
Focus School (Hornby Campus) -
Circus Workshop

A wonderful experience for students- everyone had a really good time!- Mrs Hartley, Director of Student Learning
St Giles Junior Summer Courses UK (Manchester) -
Stuart was very helpful and graded his langauge effectively to help the foreign students we have.

He was very popular amongst the pupils and they all had a great time.

- Lee Rowe, Headteacher
29th June 2011
26th June 2012
29th June 2017
St Michaels Primary School -
2 Days of Circus Skills Fun

Thanks so much - I know the children really enjoyed the sessions!- Beth Gordon, Teacher
29th June 2011
26th June 2012
29th June 2017
St Michaels Primary School -
Health Week

Brilliant workshop enjoyed by all children and staff! Thank you very much!- Miss Beth Gordon, Teacher
20th July 2011
The Derby High School -
Summer School

Really enjoyed the workshop, ALL pupils were really positive about the experience.- paul kerr, assistant headteacher
27th May 2010
West Street Community Primary School -
Circus Skills Fun Day

It was a brilliant day and the pupils from Reception to Y6 had a great time. I would love to have an after school club or possibly a parents event in the future.

Thanks - Sarah Burtoft, Headteacher
11th July 2009
Stagecoach (Lancashire) -
Fun Day

All thoroughly enjoyed the workshops with winston just wasnt quite what i expected i had been promoting unicycle and tightrope so some of the biggers ones were at first bit disappointed w juggling etc. but they all loved it!!!!! I became a brilliant plate spinner and the little 4 year olds were transfixed with the feather balancing. a brilliant day!!!- Kate Parkinson, Headteacher
03rd July 2009
George Tomlinson School -
Circus Skills Fun Day

The children really enjoyed the session and it got them mixing and talking and co-operating really well. I would recommend it as an "ice breaker" session eg First day at new school etc- Nicky Banks, Teacher
10th July 2008
Stamford High School -
Circus Skills Fun Day

Excellent great experience for all year groups. All were engaged for the entire workshop and had a chance to try something new- Stephen Howell, Teacher
Visit/s: 15/07/2005

Thank you so much for a fabulous day. You seem to have the knack of choosing the right child to demonstrate the skills, it was a real confidence booster!- Janet McCann
Lancaster Royal Grammer School -
Visit/s: 01/07/2005

I'd certainly work with you again. I've got copies of the video from july 1st, would a copy be useful for you?- Emma Rucastle
Central Lancaster High School -
Visit/s: 01/07/2005

This was a great experience for the pupils. There were a wide range of pupils involved from all ability ranges and the sence of achievement many of these experienced was wonderful to witness. I would recommend this experience to any school.- Teacher
Ryelands Primary School -
Visit/s: 01/07/2005

The training was very good and the final show excellent.
Thanks for all your hard work. - Teacher
Dallas Road Community Primary School -
Visit/s: 01/07/2005

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and really felt a wonderful sense of achievment.
The progressive levels in each discipline allowed them all to acieve which was fabulous for self-esteem.
The final performance was remarkable & the level of skill after only several sessions practices was amazing.
The children felt special & enjoyed the support of their peers. They also enjoyed showing off some of their new found skills to thier peers back at school - a mutually enjoyable experience.
Thank you for a super week.- Phil Brown, Class Teacher
Ryelands Primary School -
Visit/s: 13/01/2005

9-10 Years:
The children were able to develop personal qualities as they tried out the equipment ie. Perseverance, patience, PE skills, balancing and co-ordination.

10-11 Years:
Very good - excellent delivery and ensured all children on task. Refreshing for teacher to be able to have a go rather than just supervise! - Mrs L Myers, Headteacher
Bowerham County Primary School -
Visit/s: 01/07/2005

Both I and my children realy enjoyed ourselves. We all found that over the days, we met new people and more importantly we all bonded. I was pleased to recieve my certificate for ball bounce juggling, but even more pleased to be called 'cool' by the children. It was a nice experience to be 'taught' with the children intead of 'teaching' them, we all learnt alot from each other.
Hazel Harper (level 2 drop baller!!!) - Hazel Harper
Moorside Primary School (01524 66516) -
Visit/s: 11/1/05

Yr 6: Had lots of fun, but would have liked more time tp take part in other activities.
Yr 5: An excellent afternoon enjoyed by all the pupils (and teacher). All the activities were suitable with good variety.- Mr P. Gerrish, Headteacher
Ryelands Primary School Lancaster (01524 64626) -
Visit/s: 13/1/05

Great fun! Good for developing new skills! Children participated fully in all activities. Very suitable for the age group. The children were able to develop personal qualities as they tried out the equipment ie perserverance, patience, p.e. skills, balancing and co-ordination.- Mrs. L. Myers, Headteacher
Willow Lane Community Primary School (01524 65880) -
Visit/s: 17/1/05

Excellent. We purchased several pieces of equipment!!- Mr D. Lion, Headteacher
Ridge Primary School (01524 67880) -
Visit/s: 14/1/05,

The session was excellent, all the children were involved, all were excited and all were striving to do their best. They learnt lots of new skills and they gained in confidence as the session progressed. What pleased me especially was that children who are less able academically shone & their self-esteem increased enormously. The session produced lots of discussion and gave many ideas for various aspects of both literacy and numeracy. Please come again for a week!- Mrs S. Fitt, Headteacher
Lancaster Royal Grammar School (01524 580605) -
Visit/s: 19 & 20/1/05
Lancaster Excellence Cluster. 4 weeks in 10 different schools around Lancaster city working towards a performance with approx 6 students from each school.

So far, we,ve thoroughly enjoyed what you did and look forward to working with you in summer. The pupils enjoyed everything and staff who watched/had a go were very impressed.- Emma Rucastle
Dallas Road School, Lancaster (01524 64520)  Click to view article -
Visit/s: 10/1/05
Lancashire Excellence Cluster

Yr 5. Excellent. My children were totally engaged throughout the time. They were encouraged and congratulated so that they all felt involved and able. I also thoroughly enjoyed myself. A great time!!
Yr 5N. Excellent. Would have enjoyed even more time learning skills. Very enjoyable.
Yr 6S. Really enjoyed all the activities. Particularly liked the attention given to a child who was already skilled at the diabolo. A really fun afternoon.- Diane T, Teacher