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Hampshire Youth Group's Reviews

26th September 2018
Rainbows & Brownies 1st Elvetham Heath) -
Circus Performer Badge

The Brownies had a great evening and experienced success in many new skills.- nicola scutter, Unit leader
20th October 2018
Brownies (3rd North Baddesley) -
Circus Performer Badge

The Brownies absolutely loved it! - Sue Gaunt, Brownie Guider
03rd July 2018
Girls’ Brigade and Junior Boys’ Brigade (1st Hedge End) -
Circus Workshop

Loved the way the children interacted together to help each other succeed with the equipment.- Joy Bailey, Girls Brigade Captain
26th June 2018
Brownies (3rd Hedge End) -
Circus Performer Badge

All of us had a wonderful evening in learning a variety of circus skills with Steve. We enjoyed the activities and the Brownies have earned a circus performer badge. - 3rd Hedge End Brownies, Assistant Unit Leader
05th June 2018
Brownies (6th Farnborough) -
Circus Performer Badge

Steve held the Brownies attention from the very start. His enthusiasm was infectious and his demonstrations spot on. Everyone learnt something and had a great time. Thank you. - Michelle Richards, Brown Owl
22nd January 2018
Brownies (3rd Woolston) -
Circus Performer Badge

What an evening! Our brownies had such fun with Steve. The activities were very well suited to the ages of the girls and Steve was great at breaking everything down. He was fab at helping the girls that took a bit longer to pick things up but all of the girls were very happy at the end of the evening. I would 100% recommend and will be booking again in the future. Worth every penny. - Bonnie Brennan, Leader at 3rd Woolston Brownies
12th November 2017
Charlotte's 8th Birthday Party -
Birthday Party

The children had a great time and really enjoyed themselves. Thank you Paul!- Amy Green, Mother of child
22nd June 2017
Girl Guides (1st Ash Vale) -
Circus Performer Badge

Fully engaged the girls, a wide range of activities covered from juggling and diablo to stilts and mini bikes enabling the Guides to gain circus performer badge. Lots of enthusiasm and fun for everyone. - Thirza Speed, Guide leader
28th February 2017
Brownies (1st Broadoak) -
Circus Performer Badge

Steve was absolutely fantastic, all the girls were enthusiastic and really enjoyed learning circus skills. I would highly recommend Shooting Stars Circus Skills to other groups especially when it is good value for money. More than happy to invite Steve back to our meeting. - Katrina Burnett, 1st Broadoak Brownies leader
09th November 2016
Brownies (1st Lockheath) -
Circus Performer Badge

Steve was fantastic at engaging all participants including the adults.
Everyone had a great evening and we highly recommend this activity. - Gill Osmond, Brownie Leader
09th November 2016
Girl Guides (Locks Heath) -
Circus Performer Badge

Steve was brilliant with the guides and guiders!. A very good instructor. The girls really enjoyed the session and want to do the full day session in the future. Would definitely recommend and good value.- Karen castell, Guide leader
09th November 2016
Rainbows (Locks Heath) -
Fun of the Circus Challenge Badge

Steve was amazing - he had the Rainbows avid attention for the full hour. they were far better behaved for him than they are for me!- Helena Rosiecka, Rainbow Leader
07th October 2016
Rainbows (2nd Ramalley) -
Fun of the Circus Challenge Badge

The girls all aged 5-7 had an absolute ball and loved it- emma locke, Girl Guiding Qualified Leader
09th July 2016
Beaver Scouts (Chandlers Ford District) -
Circus Activity Badge

Steve, our instructor, kept the participants attention throughout the session. As well as being a knowledgeable and excellent instructor Steve was friendly and helpful. He guided the young people through the stages of learning to juggle and other circus skills such as riding unicycles.
Thank you Steve for enthusing so many young people and enabling them to learn new skills.
- Julie Spillar, Beaver Scout leader
20th June 2016
Boys & Girls Brigade (2nd Alton) -
Circus Workshop

Everyone enjoyed the Circus Skills experience, thanks to you :- Kym Burgess, Girls Brigade Leader
24th May 2016
Brownies (6th Crookham) -
Circus Performer Badge

The Brownies had a fantastic evening. Loads of happy faces which is always a winner. They were kept active and interested and were encouraged to have a go. Will definitely bear in mind Shooting Stars in the future and highly recommend to all. We just need to practise the juggling a bit more! - Jackie OConnell , Brownie Guider
20th January 2016
Brownies (6th Romsey) -
Circus Performer Badge

Excellent!!!!!!!!!- Abbie Bartley, Leader
13th August 2015
Fareham Borough Council -
Circus Workshop for Thumbs Up Thursday is a series of free events being delivered throughout the summer holidays aimed at children and young people.

Really happy with Shooting Stars - would definitely recommend. - Georgia , Leisure Activites Officer Fareham Borough Council
26th March 2015
Brownies (2nd Woodley & Crampmoor) -
The Brownies and Rainbows all had an amazing evening. Many thanks- Susan Thomas 2nd Woodley & Crampmoor Brownies, Brownie Leader
27th February 2015
Brownies (3rd Havant) -
The Brownies had the most amazing evening learning circus skills. They were all totally involved in the workshop and the enjoyment showed in their faces and their willingness to try lots of new challenges.- Katharine Lander, Brownie Leader
19th January 2015
Brownies (4th Bitterne) -
A great evening the Brownies really enjoyed themselves and getting their circus skills badge- Katie Yeates, Brownie Guider
20th January 2015
Brownies (1st Ashley & Tiptoe) -
This was the first time these two groups had ever met, Steve had them laughing together and helping each other within minutes. He had excellent control of behaviour and made it very clear he was aware of Safeguarding by giving the leaders instructions where one to one as necessary. The two Lovely Ladies chosen were first time visitors to a Brownie Unit an have said they will be back to help! Well done Steve a FANTASTIC evening!- Kim Brooks, Leader in Charge
24th October 2014
Girl Guides (1st Havant) -
Paul the instructor was well organised and engaged the group from the very beginning. He made each activity accessible to all and we found ourselves spinning plates and juggling successfully - much to our surprise given previous futile attempts. He then opened up a wide variety of opportunities for girls to pursue individually with supervision. A great range of costume and equipment and more importantly the guidance to make the most of them. Excellent.- Connie Milton, Guide Guider
02nd July 2014
Brownies (2nd West End) -
This was tbe 2nd time we have had Shooting Stars come to our Brownies and they have loved it every time! Would definitely recommend! They are very patients with tbe girls and are always willing to help those that find some of the circus skills a little bit tricky :- thank you guys. No doubt well see you again! - Harriet Way, Brownie Leader
Brownies (3rd Kempshott) -
The Brownies had a fantastic evening of fun and want me to book you again for next week!
The evening was very good value for money.- Carolyn Robinson, Lead Guider
28th February 2012
Brownies (1st Calmore) -
Circus Performer Badge

Have used before and found very engaging and good value - the mugs were a nice gesture we wont forget your details !- Hazel Vidler, Guider in Charge
13th February 2010
Brownies (1st Alderholt) -
Circus Performer Badge

Excellent!!!!!- Clare Morris, brownie leader
Girl Guides (1st Netley Marsh) -
Netley Marsh Guides loved the experience of learning various circus skills. They all found it very enjoyable and quickly mastered many skills shown to them. They also loved dressing up!
Steve was brilliant with them all. - Thank you.- Ann barlow, Guide Leader and New Forest Division Commissioner.
Brownies (7th Fleet) -
Circus Performer Badge

We had a fantastic evening. The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and scored it 10 out of 10!- Tracy Betteridge, Brownie Leader
Brownies (4th Hedge End) -
Circus Performer Badge

Excellent evening and the girls loved it- Alison Richardson, Brownie Leader
Girl Guides (7th Fleet) -
Circus Performer Badge

The girls all really enjoyed the evening - and I have heard nothing but good from the parents since saying just that - they all went home raving about the session and how much they enjoyed it. Well worth the money and a further workshop is definitely something we would consider and I will certainly recommend to other units in our area. A most enjoyable evening - and I even learnt how to juggle!!!! - Claire Williams, Guide Guider
24th November 2012
Beavers (12th Winchester) Greenjackets -
Very well run and had no problem keeping 20
very excited beaver scouts in order and well entertained.

Would definately ask for Stuart again.- Ann Quick, 12th Winchester Beaver Leader
11th May 2009
25th June 2012
Brownies (5th West End) -
Circus Performer Badge

Thank you for a lovely evening x- Karen Williams, Brownie Leader
26th March 2012
Brownies (1st Milford on Sea) -
Circus Performer Badge

Our brownies had a fabulous time at your circus skills workshop. It was especially wonderful to see those with less self esteem really coming out of themselves and having so much fun.- Rebecca Webb, Brownie guider
28th February 2012
Brownies (1st Calmore) -
Circus Performer Badge

kept 30 Brownies very interested all evening and Brownies and Leaders alike had a very enjoyable and informative evening- Hazel Vidler, Guider in Charge
29th February 2012
Brownies (2nd West End) -
Circus Performer Badge

Girls loved it. Instructor kept them enthralled the whole time. Feedback from parens has been excellent. Would do it again bt not until we have a complete change of intake in 4 yrs. will tell other brownie leaders of our experience and show photos at our division AGM later in March.
Thank you
- Lynn Townend, Brownie guider
20th February 2012
Girl Guides (2nd Liphook) -
Circus Performer Badge

Brilliant evening, the girls really enjoyed every minute and Steve kept their interest and attention without being teacher-like. They learnt a lot and will be talking about it for weeks to come.
We especially appreciated the personal attention Steve gave the girls who were finding it more difficult and the help he gave our young guide who has a disability.
Ten out of ten on all counts!
Cant think of any improvements as it is already top notch.- 2nd Liphook Guides, Guider
18th January 2012
Brownies (1st Ampfield) -
Circus Performer Badge

Thank you for a fantastic workshop for our Brownies - I was so impressed with the skills you taught them that enabled them to access the equipment well and safely. You set your expectations from the beginning which meant the children listened to your clear instructions and got so much out of the session and so did the adults!. I am looking forward to sharing your details with my Head tomorrow so see what we can do at School!
Many thanks,
Lizzie - Lizzie Barratt, Brownie leader
02nd September 2010
28th July 2011
Portsmouth CIty Council -
Looked after children Award Ceremony

The young people that attended our event have always enjoyed taking part in these activites, and the instrutors have always been really good at engaging our young people.- Adam Murphy, Particpation Officer
08th August 2011
Brightstars Dance School -
Circus Skills Workshop - 2nd Year

The workshop was loved by all students
a great afternoon - jodi west brightstars dance academy, principle
06th April 2010
Brownies (4th Goring) -
Circus Skills Badge

All of our Brownies & the leaders absolutely loved our " day at the circus" and it was the highlight of our pack holiday. We all learnt something new and came home eager to teach the rest of the pack our new skills- Carol Birks, Assistant Brownie Leader
13th February 2010
Brownies (1st Aldershot) -
Circus Skills Badge

A fantasic way for Brownies to learn some very difficult skills from a very approachable and friendly company. - Clare Morris, Brownie Leader
17th October 2009
Beaver Scouts -
Circus Skills Fun Event

I will definitely recommend you to other Beaver colonies and Cub packs in Winchester, the young people had such a good time and still talk about the experience! I put that I will possibly book again, as we will not be having a circus themed event for a while, but if and when we do we will certainly book you!- Jennie Cleland, Beaver Scout Leader
23rd May 2009
Scouts (10th Romsey) -
Scout Camp/Circus Skills Badge

We were very pleased with our instructor especially as he had a scouting background and seemed to really enjoy being with us.
It was an extremely hot day and my group were the last to attend a session but the instructor - Russ was stilll very entertaining and professional.
I would highly recommend him.
Correspondance with Steve Grainger was very straight forward via email with quick responces.
Thank you- Julie Foster, Beaver Scout leader
11th May 2009
25th June 2012
Brownies (5th West End) -
Circus Badge

The Brownies loved the circus workshop - however, it would have been helpful to be told that 1 1/2 hours was not enough time for the full workshop. If we had known beforehand we could have arranged for a longer session apparently for the same money, however it was a bit late to find this out after the event. I would however definately reccommend Shooting Stars Circus Skills - it was great fun!!! - Thanks- Karen, Brownie Guider
24th February 2009
Brownies (Kingsley) -
Circus Skills Badge

Instructor arrived 40 minutes later as he was at a meeting. This was a very disappointing start but the Brownies did enjoy the circus experience- Julie Alexander, Brownie Leader
25th February 2009
Brownies (3rd Portsmouth) -
Circus Skills Badge

Excellent session, Steve pitched the level just right for my Brownies and encouraged those who said they couldnt do it to try again until they got it - they then had big smiles of achievement on their faces.

It was just a shame that we couldnt have had longer and maybe learnt some clown skills or stiltwalking - Ill just have to book a longer session next time!- Vici Ford, Brownie Leader
Solent Skill Quest -
Excellent! Would Recomend. Would book again.- Ann Sherwin