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Yorkshire Youth Group's Reviews

08th May 2019
Girl Guides (1st Bramhope) -
Circus Workshop

Great fun evening for the Guides. It involved new skills and also required some teamwork. Steve was excellent in running the event and very quickly gained the Guides attention/interest. Highly recommended.- Fiona Wrightson, Guide leader
07th July 2018
Brownies (1st Luddenden) -
Circus Performer Badge

The Brownies had a 2 hour workshop which they loved. I would highly recommend Shooting Stars.- Fran Rushworth, Unit Guider
09th July 2018
Brownies (9th Rotherham) -
Circus Performer Badge

Best evening of fun we’ve had in a long time, learnt new skills and the brownies thought Steve was very funny.- Kay skelton, Brownie leader
05th July 2018
Brownies (Denby Dale) -
Circus Performer Badge

Fun and entertaining.- Ruth Parry, Brownie Leader
01st February 2018
Brownies (28th Rotherham) -
Circus Performer Badge

Enjoyed it!- Claire Raynes, Leader at 3rd Woolston Brownies
06th December 2017
Scouts (St Hilda's) -
Circus Activity Badge

From start to finish the facilitator Dave engaged with the children. They thoroughly engaged every minute of the session, in fact did not want him to leave.
They learnt so much in a short time, everyone learnt new skills, plus adapted ways of doing different things with apparatus available, took great pleasure in showing everyone what they had learnt at the end and they will remember this for a long time, stating it was the best day ever. Excellent, I will pass this on to other groups and recommend your service, which I have already done, but reiterate what a great time everyone has, great experience. Thank you from everyone at St.Hilda`s - Janet. - ST.HILDA`S SCOUT GROUP, CUB SCOUT LEADER
21st November 2017
Brownies (2nd Poppleton) -
Circus Performer Badge

The Brownies had a brilliant time. Everyone felt they had achieved something by the end of the session - lots of smiles! Steve was enthusing and friendly, but also made sure everyone used the equipment safely. The peacock feathers were a great introductory activity that enabled the girls to achieve a first success quickly and gave them confidence to try other things. We packed a lot into a short session in our limited meeting time. Very positive experience for the leaders and helpers too - lots of opportunites to get involved and not just look on. Above all, the workshop offered the Brownies experiences and expertise that we couldnt offer, and the level and language were pitched just right. Thank you, Steve - it was great!- Katie Croft, Brownie unit leader Brown Owl
11th October 2017
Brownies (1st Flaxton) -
Circus Performer Badge

Thank you for a great session.- Helen Smith, Brownie Leader
17th October 2017
Brownies (72nd Doncaster) -
Circus Performer Badge

Great evening - the girls were very engaged and loved tryng the circus skills. Winston had a very good way with the girls and quickly formed a rapport whilst maintaining good order- Annette Odell 72 doncaster brownies, Brownie Leader
10th July 2017
Brownies (2nd Pennine East Cumberworth) -
Circus Performer Badge

Excellent Circus Workshop - Steve was a first rate instructor and our Brownies had a fabulous evening. - Miriam Berry, Guider in Charge
25th June 2017
Beavers Cubs & Scouts (6th Ripon) -
Circus Activity Badge

Great event with very excellent levels of engagement by scouts throughout the 90mins- 6th Ripon Scouts , Scout Leader
03rd June 2017
Brownies (1st Tadcaster) -
Circus Performer Badge

Winston was a breath of fresh air to us. All the girls engaged and participated in all activities. We had a very fun session and had many fits of giggles !- Bev Wise, Brownie leader & Division Commissioner
08th June 2017
Girl Guides (1st South Milford) -
Circus Performer Badge

Steve was excellent we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening - the girls did not want to go home they could have played with the items all night. Steve was very patient with them as they were so excitable they wouldnt stop talking but he was lovely and made it really fun!- Gemma Gore, Guide Leader
10th May 2017
Rainbows (Banner Cross) -
Bespoke Circus Performer Badge

Shooting Stars came to our Rainbow group last week. I was delighted with both the content of the evening and Winstons rapport with the girls. The Rainbows learned several new circus skills within the hour and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The session was pitched exactly right for the age group 5-7 year old girls. I would highly recommend Shooting Stars.- Ann Tanker, Rainbow Leader
18th May 2017
Brownies (29th Doncaster) -
Circus Performer Badge

Excellent session. Thank you.- Katie Ford, Brownie Leader
05th April 2017
Brownies & Girl Guides (118th Huddersfield) -
Circus Performer Badge

Our Brownie group including leaders thoroughly enjoyed the workshop as part of the Circus Performer badge. They all participated in the activities and would have enjoyed a longer session if this had been possible. - Anne Wilkinson, Brownie Leader
01st November 2016
Brownies (1st Barwick in Elmet) -
Circus Performer Badge

We all had a fantastic evening and wish it could have been longer. Steve "Brush" was very good at explaining things and had the Brownies full attention all the time, they thoroughly enjoyed it! We will definitely be booking again.- Margaret Whitaker, Brownie Unit Leader
18th October 2016
Rainbows (1st Honley) -
Circus Performer Badge

Very good the rainbows throughrely enjoyed the evening- Janet Sykes , Rainbow leader
29th September 2016
Brownies (1st Strensall) -
Circus Performer Badge

Really enjoyed the Circus Skills workshop. Winston was friendly, fun and engaged with all the girls and kept their interest throughout the workshop.
Would highly recommended him.- Becky Cheeseman, Brownie Leader
04th August 2016
Brownies (4th Knottingley) -
Circus Performer Badge

Brilliant fun, great instructor Winston- Lisa Taylor, Brownie Leader
26th June 2016
Girl Guides (North Yorkshire West County) -
County Family Day

Good communication before event and helpful with answering any questions or supplying information
Our instructor interacted well wth all participants on the day ranging from young children to adults and grandparents!
We held an outdoor event and given the weather on the day - very windy - the instructor coped well and ensured all participants were safe and still given a range of suitable activities to have a go on. - Anna Mackay , Girlguiding Leader and Event Organiser
13th June 2016
Brownies (1st Morley) -
Circus Performer Badge

We had a brilliant evening and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Even the leaders managed to juggle something instead of paperwork and time!!

Would definitely recommend Shooting Stars for any group, big or small.- Mrs Jayne Edmondson, Brown Owl Leaders 1st Morley Brownies
09th June 2016
Scouts (1st Leven) -
Circus Activity Badge

Wasnt sure what to expect but it turned out a really good night. All the scouts enjoyed it and the leaders too. Disappointed there were no elephants or lions but it was still good fun. The scouts got plenty of time doing the skills themselves and this made it worth while from their point of view.- Ian Stones, Scout Leader
20th April 2016
Brownies (25th Barnsley) -
Circus Performer Badge

Winston was brilliant with the girls, he was very patient with them and had them giggling quite a bit with his miming. the brownies and the leaders all had a great time.- Sharon Thonton, Brownies Guider
12th March 2016
Girl Guides (North Yorkshire South County) -
Circus Performer Badge

We all had a fantastic day, the circus performer badge is one the girls don’t have many opportunities to gain so this made the day very special the girls sense of achievement was outstanding. The guys were excellent and really connected with the children. They were professional, friendly and really made the day a success. Parents have said the girls haven’t stopped telling them about what they learnt to do all weekend. Thank you - LESLEY STRATHIE, GIRL GUIDING
26th February 2016
Rainbows Brownies & Guides (1st Hillam and 1st Monk Fryston) -
Circus Performer Badge

Quote of the night from a Brownie "This isnt a question its more of a statement. Winston youre awesome!"

Rainbows, Brownies and Guides all had a fantastic night. They worked hard and laughed harder. It was so much fun.- Marie Parkin, Brownie Leader
26th February 2016
Rainbows Brownies & Guides (1st Hillam and 1st Monk Fryston) -
Circus Performer Badge


Hopefully you will have seen my email to my District and Division Commissioners to spread the word about your services.

We all had such a great time and Winston was such a fantastic instructor - achieving the perfect balance between keeping the girls on track, focused and learning and have lots of fun and laughing with them. Please pass on our thanks to him. A great night for all of us - girls and Leaders!!

Thank you once again.
Marie- Marie Parkin, Leader
12th February 2016
Scouts (Hillside) -
Circus Activity Badge

Winston delivered a really well paced and informative circus skills session. The session was delivered to a mixed group of Beavers and Cubs so covered a wide age range but Winston took this in his stride and made sure that everybody was involved and able to take part at an appropriate level. The range of activities was interesting and kept the group busy for a full 2 hrs. I would have no hesitation recommending Shooting Stars. - Simon Cross, Beaver Leader
08th July 2015
Rainbows (8th Seacroft (St Gregory's) -
Circus Fun with Rainbows

Another fantastic workshop with the younger age group 5-7 girls laughed and had so much fun!! - Ruth Walker, Rainbow Leader
29th June 2015
Brownies (8th Seacroft (St Gregory's) -
Circus Performer Badge

We had the most fantastic circus workshop at the Brownie meeting. The instructor was excellent and had the girls attention at all times.
Highly recommend again and to other groups.- Ruth Walker, Brownie Leader
Grace & Maddie Party -
Birthday Party

Please pass on our thanks to Steve Broomhead for todays party. The party girls Grace and Maddie had a fantastic time.
I have had a number of parents text me already and tell me how much their children enjoyed it and so far NO broken plates!!!!!
Even the adults got stuck in and we had a great afternoon.
Steve was great with everyone and we were very pleased he came to do our party.
Vivienne- Vivienne Cogan, Parent
17th June 2015
Brownies (1st Stockton on the Forest) -
Circus Performer Badge

"It was really fun and Winston made us laugh lots\" Lauren brownie age 10

"Winston was brilliant at juggling\" Rebecca brownie age 7

Everyone had a great time including the leaders. Thank you for helping 1st Stockton on the Forest brownies to complete their circus skills badge.- Liz Bates, brownie leader
05th March 2015
Rainbows,Brownies and Guides (2nd Halton) -
Circus Performer Badge

Quotes from the girls taking part:
"It was really funny and enjoyable"
"Funniest thing ever"
"Fun, amazing, learnt things"
"I enjoyed learning new skills"
"Loved it!"
"Enjoyable, liked the plates and feathers"
"Fun and really enjoyable"
"Great night"
"Very enjoyable, funny, good for all ages"
"Fun, enjoyable, everyone enjoyed it"

From the organising leader:

"Well organised and entertaining evening with activities suitable for the abilities of the girls from 5 years to 14 years plus. Will be recommending to other Leaders. Thank you."- Angela Hemingway, Girlguiding Leader
10th May 2014
Brownies (2nd Clifton Moor) -
The Brownies thoroughly enjoyed themselves and for most it was the best part of our sleepover to help celebrate The Big Brownie Birthday. - Emma Craven, Guider in Charge
24th May 2013
Brownies (10th Penine East) -
Thank you very much for a fantastic session. The Brownies really enjoyed the session from the minute it started. Winston was really funny and completely on the right wavelength for the children. Thank you for helping us to complete our circus badge - it was a night that the girls will remember for a very long time. - Helen Batty, brownie guider
30th June 2012
Golborne Guides & Scouts -
Circus Performer Badge

We were very impressed by the team and the way in which they worked so well with the children and given that it was a Scout Unit, the range of ages that was catered for.
The adults interacted really well with the children, who responded accordingly.- Fiona Glover, Beaver Scout Leader
27th July 2011
2nd Anlaby Guides -
Guide Camp

Fun day which added to a circus themed guide camp. Instructor very flexible and adaptable, willing to adapt content to fit in with the rest of the planned activities for the week camp e.g. incorporating circus equipment made by the girls.- Sue Lord, Guide Leader
19th February 2011
Brownies (18th York) -
Circus Performers Badge

The Brownies thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and completed their 'Performers Badge'. Everything was very well organised and I would be happy to recommend to other leaders. I first saw your details in the advert in Guding magazine.- Emma Field, Brownie Leader
19th March 2010
Brownies (2nd Sherburn & Elmet) -
Circus Skills Badge

Our group of 50 brownies aged 7-10 year olds had a fantastic evening. They were able to try a variety of circus skills and tricks, which gave them all their brownie circus badge. They were kept entertained and focused by their instructor. They all found it amazing when shown tricks by the instructor and they were able to try them for themselves. They all said they would like to do it again in the future. - Emma Wox, Brownie guider
21st May 2009
Ebberston Youth Group -
Circus Fun Day

it was fantastic!!! our group of 11-18 year olds thoroughly enjoyed it and asked if we can do it again!!! they even asked if we can get some of our own equipment!!! the instructor was brilliant with the group too kept them involved, spoke to them, set ground rules etc so we were barely needed - freeing us up to join in!! nothing negative to say! exactly what we were looking for in a workshop!!! it also helped us discover hidden talent!!!- jeni critchley, secretary/ leadworker
25th September 2007
Brownies (1st Hampsthwaite) -
Circus Skills Badge

Excellent!!- Gina Jessop, Brown Owl
West Yorkshire North Girl Guiding -
The young man who came to our day worked hard all day and was very enthusiastic. The brownies thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the adults did too!- Carol Wilkinson
The University of Sheffield -
I cannot thank shooting stars enough for their involvement in our summer school. The instructors were excellent at getting our group of students to bond.
It was great to see the students faces when they finally 'mastered' juggling and tightrope walking. We even had a budding unicyclist.
A fantastic day and great value for money!!!- Vicky Hargest, Outreach and access