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Warwickshire Youth Group's Reviews

02nd August 2018
Holiday Bible Club -
Circus Workshop

This came highly recommended from another customer. They exceeded expectations. Will definitely be booking them again.- Beverley Suffell/ Holiday Bible Club, Leader
05th December 2018
Brownies (3rd Dorridge) -
Circus Performer Badge & Christmas Party

Brilliant time had by all! Wonderful to hear the laughter and chatter as the girls and leaders tried new skills and felt very proud of their accomplishments. Steve and Stuart explained things very simply and wandered round the hall patiently helping where needed and constantly encouraging everyone. The two hours whizzed by and left the girls wanting more. Parents have fed back that they had excited girls busily telling about the fun they had had. Will definately recommend! Couldn't have asked for a better evening for our Christmas event.... time flew and all had tremendous fun!
We didnt have time to cover all skills so we will certainly need a repeat performance!- Brenda Chadwick, Leader
27th November 2018
Brownies (Norton Lindsey) -
Circus Performer Badge

Fantastic! The girls had the best time! - Claire Handy, Unit Leader
27th June 2018
Cubs (1st Harbury) -
Circus Activity Badge

Jebb was absolutely amazing with the kids - so talented yet engaging and funny and a brilliant instructor. The kids just loved it and the adults too!- Lucy Viteri, Assistant Cub leader
29th April 2010
14th June 2018
Talisman Youth Theartre -
Circus Workshop

An enjoyable workshop helping us to discover some budding jugglers! - CAROLINE MCCLUSKEY, Youth Group Leaer
28th September 2008
09th June 2018
Brownies (1st Cawston) -
Circus Performer Badge

Fred was really good with the girls and kept their attention brilliantly. This is the fourth time we have booked Shooting Stars over the last ten years and we are never disappointed. Give us three years to cycle these Brownies through the unit and we’ll be back for a fifth booking!- Jen Smith, Brownie Leader
03rd March 2015
13th February 2018
Brownies (1st Lapworth) -
Circus Performer Badge

The Brownies loved this session. It was a great and fun learning experience. Thank you- Liza Wilson, Brownies Unit Leader
18th November 2017
Brownies (1st Tanworth in Arden) -
Circus Performer Badge

Fantastic session for the brownies and the leaders!- Sallie-Ann Eaton , brownie Leader
Beavers & Scouts (1st Stockton) -
Circus Activity Badge

Paul was our instructor. He really engaged with the Beavers and listened to every word - he picked activities they would be able to do - by the end of the night they could spin a plate while they laid down and rolled over - they where all really pleased with themselves.
After the Beavers hour session the scouts came in for a two hour session.
The scouts had a great time as well and by the end of the evening they could juggle with scarves and do tricks with a diablo - at the end they had a free for all - Paul had lots of equipment so they could all try whatever they wanted! The scouts are now well on their way to getting the circus badge.
Throughly recommended.
Thank you
Liz - Liz Barker, Leader
18th January 2016
Cubs & Scouts (Dale Street) -
Circus Activity Badge

Fantastic evening,great fun,enjoyed by everyone,Big Thank You.- Brett Underhill, Assistant Scout Leader
17th October 2015
Stratford District Guiding -
The guys were excellent, well equipped, turned up in plenty of time to get set up, girls loved it.- Anne Whatcott, Unit Leader
20th March 2015
Girl Guides (5th Leamington) -
Paul was very enthusiastic and tailored the evening to cover the age range of our girls.

He was patient and helped those that were having a challenge with their juggling!

The equipment was great and the girls loved having a go on a mini bike and trying to balance on a unicycle!- 5TH Leamington Guides, Asst Guide Leader
03rd March 2015
13th February 2018
Brownies (1st Lapworth) -
Great evening, thoroughly enjoyed by the Brownies.- Michelle Giles, Brownie Leader
15th July 2013
Brownies (1st Fenny Compton) -
End of Year Leavers Party

The pack had Shooting Stars Steve before Christmas when they undertook their Circus Performers Badge. The quality of the experience was excellent, and the Brownies enjoyed themselves so much that, when asked what they would like to do for their end of year / leavers party there was only one choice!
So Steve came again this Monday, with new skills for the girls to undertake. Again, a superb evening of fun and entertainment. I would highly recommend Shooting Stars for any Brownie meeting or party. Thank you.- Sue Collins, Unit Leader / Brown Owl
28th September 2008
09th June 2018
Brownies (1st Cawston) -
Paul was fantastic, and the Brownies had an excellent time. Definitely the highlight of the event.- Jen Smith, Leader
19th September 2011
Brownies (4th Studley) -
Circus Performer Badge

The instructor had the girls attention right away and kept them entertained and enthralled throughout the evening. A great treat and we will definitely book again in the future!- Claire Shuter, Brownie Leader
22nd July 2011
Elle Callighan -
Yr 6 Leavers Party

Amazing fun packed 2 hours the childen had a ball.- E Callighan, Mum
14th June 2011
Scouts (Armstrong Explorer Scouts) -
Circus Skills - Fun Session

Thank you to everyone who helped organise this evening for us and many thanks to Steve who was absolutely superb. It was a fantastic evening which everyone enjoyed, weve already had a number of requests for you to come back later in the year.
Thanks again
Armstrong Explorers- Dean Ward, Explorer Leader
Atherstone Childrens Theatre -
Circus Skills Workshops

The organisation was excellent as was the equipment brought along for the groups to work with.
The range of abilities within the group was wide, from adults who do some teaching of the skills to those who had done nothing previously. The instructor coped with all in a skilled manner.
they handled the whole weekend in a very professional manner, skilled themselves, calm, confident and very good instructors whom the children and adults could relate
In all a most successful weekend from which our children can build their future work in the drama field- June Maidens, Secretary and Co-ordinator
14th May 2011
Wendy Vipond -
8th Birthday Party

No critisms as such. Observation only Kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, only wish we had more time. Leigh was fantastic.
Was told by the other parents that their child thoroughly enjoyed it.
Ben the birthday boy said he got more than what he wanted.- Wendy Lam, parent
02nd August 2010 - 06th August 2010
Girl Guides Arden 2010 -
Centenary Camp

At Girlguiding Warwickshires Arden 2010 Centenary Camp, our aim was to provide new and different activities and experiences, using the theme Exploring New Horizons, and using Shooting Stars in the Activity Programme really helped us in achieving that objective.- David Meads, Assistant Activities Team Leader
Girl Guides (Stratford-on-Avon Division) -
Centenary - Shakespeare Walk event

Hi Steve,
Thank you so much for a wonderful contribution to our Shakespeare Walk event. Your relaxed approach enabled all the girls to 'have a go'. I am much relieved that the day has been successful and that we contributed a total of 119 girls and 38 adults towards the total of Girlguiding members throughout the county carrying out this mammoth walk today. Most of our contingent came to the Rec. but there were a few others who had walked our part that was further from Stratford earlier in the day. I am now about to finish as Division commissioner, but I hope that we shall be able to invite you to share your skills again with the girls.
Many thanks
Hilary- Hilary Caprons, Division Commissioner
29th April 2010
14th June 2018
Talisman Youth Theartre -
Circus Skills Fun Session

It was Pauls humour that also added to the sessions. His bet to get one of our group to ride the backwards bike was just so appropriate to our group as he made it look so easy.
Thanks again.- Corrina Jacob, Youth Theatre Co-ordinator
19th May 2009
Brownies (Norton Lindsey) -
Circus Badge

This looks like I havent taken the time to read the questionnaire and just clicked "Excellent" all the way down. This isnt the case. We had an amazing experience the instructor was brilliant and it was just what we wanted and much much more. You deserve the "Excellent" all the way down!
Thank you very much for a really enjoyable evening.- Claire Handy, Brownie Leader
28th September 2008
09th June 2018
Brownies (1st Cawston) -
Circus Skills Badge

Excellent!! Wholly satisfied, experience could not have been improved.- Jen Smith, Brownie leader
04th August 2008
Christadelphian Youth Group -
Circus Skills Fun Day

A good well organised day and great value for money. Thanks- A Forbes, One of the organisers of a youth week
Harbury Youth Drop-In -
Circus Skills Workshop

A very interesting and involving day - I'm just sorry we didn't get more young people along. On reflection, perhaps it would've been better to do it during normal term-time, rather than in the holidays. Thanks for the day.- Lesley Jones
29th April 2010
14th June 2018
Talisman Youth Theartre -
Visit/s: 15/09/2005

The kids really enjoyed the workshop.- Corrina Jacob
02nd October 2010
Brownies (2nd Studley St Mary's) -
Visit/s: 4/12/04

Excellent interaction with both adults and children. Even the least able were able to break down the barriers and demonstrate their ne talents at the parent show. Belly balancing was fun!- Caroline Ford, Brownie Leader