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Physical Processes - Forces & Motion

In his own unique, madcap style, Professor C.I.R.C.U.S. sets out to defy the laws of gravity and understand what forces are all about.
He performs spectacular feats of juggling and balancing acts to astound and amuse, with lots of audience participation, comedy and laughter. However, there are some serious questions to be asked!
Why do objects fall, slow down, speed up, change direction or remain balanced?
Within the show Professor C.I.R.C.U.S. explores all of the concepts required for KS1 & KS 2 'Physical Processes and a little more besides. Using practical examples, observation and experiment, he helps the pupils gain a better understanding of 'Forces & Motion'. They are actively encouraged to participate and give their own observations and conclusions.

The 'Circus Science' show can also be followed up with our 'Circus Skills Workshops' over one or more days which allows the budding scientists to put the information into practice and also improve their balance and co-ordination. They can learn the co-ordination skills of juggling, diabolo, flower stick, plate spinning and balancing skills such as tightrope, stilts and unicycle.

A weekly booking includes a performance by participants, which enables them to demonstrate their newly acquired skills to parents/guardians and the wider community.