Steve Grainger
Grande Fromage
Shooting Stars Circus Skills was conceived through my passion for juggling over 25 years ago. From its humble beginnings as a hobby, it has since grown into the largest circus skills workshop in the UK.

After university I became more interested in the educational benefits that circus skills has to offer children, which led me to develop specialist resources combining circus skills and the curriculum.

In my spare time I like to go walking/hiking, photography, reading, golf and, of course, juggling.
Paul Grainger
Circus Skills Teacher/Instructor
I have been juggling since the age of 11 and have worked with Shooting Stars Circus Skills since the very beginning.

I learnt to juggle at a summer fete in Birmingham and it was a hobby for many years. I have performed at many shows and events over the years but now concentrate on passing circus skills onto children (and adults) with the hope that they will get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.

I enjoy physics, eating apples and gadgets.

Jebb Christie
Circus Skills Teacher/Instructor/Performer/Jester
Juggling and other circus skills were my hobby, Then, I realised that I wanted to perform, so I started busking on the streets whilst travelling. In 1996 I became the manager of a circus shop in Oxford, then London.

In 2000 I gave up the 'day job' to become a full time performer and teacher of circus skills, and I'm still living the dream.

Love juggling! Love teaching!
Nick Putz
Circus Skills Teacher/Instructor/Performer
A friend taught me how to juggle 3 balls when I was a teenager on a beach in Cornwall. Years later, determined to start a career in showbusiness, I got a job as an actor in a small circus company and learnt other circus skills while 'on the job'!

I began teaching circus workshops in 1992 and have taught a wide variety of classes: from a pre-nursery group of 2 year olds to a year long circus module at a drama school; from a group of street children in Kabul to corporate training sessions in the Home Counties; from young offender institions to centres for extreme special needs; and, of course, schools and youth groups all over country.

As a performer, I am a stiltwalker, unicyclist and juggler.
Winston H. Plowes
Circus Skill Teacher/Instructor/Performer
I learnt to juggle in 1984 (good grief thats 35 years ago) and have been a professional entertainer and circus skills teacher since 1994.

My experience over this time has taken me to every corner of Europe and enabled me to work at hundreds of major Festivals and events. On Monday I might be filming an advert for the BBC then on Tuesday it might be a Greek Wedding! I have taught almost every age and client group imaginable but never tire of seeing the shock, surprise and reward that comes at that magic moment someone learns to juggle for the first time.

I became part of the Shooting Stars team over 10 years ago and it has been a great experience which has further expanded my teaching and given me added enthusiasm to work alongside such a professional outfit. (PS. The boss has even taught me a thing or too but don't let him know that! Shhhh...)
Steve Welford
Circus Skills Teacher/Instructor/Entertainer
I got hooked on juggling after being determined to get a plate spinning during a Butlins have-ago-session 9 years ago (I managed it after an hour I think!)
I started to practise ball juggling and moved onto other props buying more and more equipment. Through having children and teaching them juggling, I discovered a natural talent in teaching. I developed this and started providing workshops for parties and again, found another talent I didn't know I had in entertaining.
I get a great buzz from workshops when I hear cries from kids (and adults alike) of 'I did it !, I did it !' or 'I can do it !, I can do it !', especially from those who have just said 'Oh I'll never do that!'