• Intergrating Circus Skills with the Curriculum

  • Fun & Creative

  • Facilitates personal development

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  • Recent research has proven the benefits of circus skills in Educational Programmes. It has been successfully used as an educational tool, and has been used therapeutically with children at risk.

    Circus skills can enable pupils to discover within themselves the skills which can provide all kinds of creative solutions. Skills such as concentration, retention, conceptual understanding and self-awareness, which can be transferred to a social setting and applied to more conventional learning situations in the core subjects.

    Over the last nineteen years, we have taken our 'Circus Skills Workshops' to schools, leisure centres, youth groups, play schemes, colleges, carnivals, fetes, and special promotions around the country. The workshop consists of a circus instructor and circus equipment.

    What are the benefits of children learning outside of the classroom:

    • Cross curricular education
    • Instills enthusiasm to continue learning
    • Reinforces positive learning
    • Creative thinking
    • Unlimited possibilities & opportunities
    • Self Confidence
    • Social & Personal Development
    • Kinaesthetic Learning
    • Inclusive physical education
    • Learning to learn
    • Language skills
    • Self-esteem and self-awareness

    Pupils recall the 'Circus Week' with great pleasure. They learnt different skills, which boosted their confidence and self-esteem. The curriculum is extremely well enriched through the very wide range of clubs, visits, visitors and events, which further widen children's horizons and contribute to their personal and social development.

    Stamshaw Infant School
    Mrs J Cooper

    Circus Themed Week Show

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    Blue Peter Appearance

    We had the pleasure of teaching Andy Akinwolere, from Blue Peter, how to ride a unicycle. We had such a fun time and he was a good pupil!

    It was broadcast on 15/01/2008, but if you missed it then you can see it again here.


    Sneak previews of latest reviews entered: -
    40th Vintage Circus themed Birthday Event
    Visited on: 15th September 2018
    07989 499587
    40th Birthday Party
    Jebb was an absolute star. Professional, friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging. He really helped bring some magic to my 40th Vintage Circus Party. Thank you!!! Im now thinking it would also make an awesome kids birthday party idea for one of my three boys! - Kelly

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    Girl Guides (1st Pitton)
    Visited on: 22nd September 2018
    ‭07803 052273
    Circus Performer Badge
    The Guides all had a fabulous time and it was a wonderful start to their Greatest Showman Sleepover - thank you to Stu who kept all 27 of them entertained for 4 hours! - Nicki McCarney

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    Girl Guides (London Over The Border )
    Visited on: 22nd September 2018
    ‭07904 587063
    Circus Performer Badge
    Dreadful weather, but your Instructor just kept going, giving the girls a great experience of Circus Skills. - Pam You g

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    Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary School
    Visited on: 14th September 2018
    ‭01590 672711‬
    Circus Workshop
    Paul was great. The children and myself had a fantastic day and all the parents that came at the end really enjoyed themselves as well. Fantastic and well worth the money! - Kate Knott

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    Cubs (3rd Farnham)
    Visited on: 25th September 2018
    ‭07837 378894
    Circus Activity Badge
    Excellent evening. - Vicky Hiorns

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    Beavers Cubs & Scouts (1st Marwood)
    Visited on: 27th September 2018
    Whiddon Barnstaple
    ‭07742 529140
    Circus Activity Badge
    Very successful session, everyone was fully engaged including the parent helpers. - Alan Cruden

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    Brownies (1st Belton)
    Visited on: 26th September 2018
    07759 758509
    Circus Performer Badge
    Excellent session with lots of elements of fun and learning. - Gill Bradley

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    Beavers & Cubs (2nd Streatham Hill (Christchurch)
    Visited on: 28th September 2018
    SW2 3NF
    ‭07774 402064‬
    Circus Activity Badge
    Both groups of children Beavers and Cubs really enjoyed the workshops. The introduction and demonstrations were kept to a good pace, clear and interesting - especially the amazing demonstrations! The activities were pitched to the right level for the different ages. There are lively children in both groups and the workshop leader managed their behaviour well - he was always calm, straightforward, and humourous. The children had a good amount of time to try out different equipment with the workshop leader always ready to give a hand. - Hazel Barrett

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    Girl Guides (1st Cranfield)
    Visited on: 02nd October 2018
    07980 945419
    Circus Performer Badge
    An excellent evening. Nick kept our large unit of 30 entertained for 2 hours non-stop and all the girls really enjoyed themselves. - Alison Parker

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