• Intergrating Circus Skills with the Curriculum

  • Fun & Creative

  • Facilitates personal development

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  • Recent research has proven the benefits of circus skills in Educational Programmes. It has been successfully used as an educational tool, and has been used therapeutically with children at risk.

    Circus skills can enable pupils to discover within themselves the skills which can provide all kinds of creative solutions. Skills such as concentration, retention, conceptual understanding and self-awareness, which can be transferred to a social setting and applied to more conventional learning situations in the core subjects.

    Over the last nineteen years, we have taken our 'Circus Skills Workshops' to schools, leisure centres, youth groups, play schemes, colleges, carnivals, fetes, and special promotions around the country. The workshop consists of a circus instructor and circus equipment.

    What are the benefits of children learning outside of the classroom:

    • Cross curricular education
    • Instills enthusiasm to continue learning
    • Reinforces positive learning
    • Creative thinking
    • Unlimited possibilities & opportunities
    • Self Confidence
    • Social & Personal Development
    • Kinaesthetic Learning
    • Inclusive physical education
    • Learning to learn
    • Language skills
    • Self-esteem and self-awareness

    Pupils recall the 'Circus Week' with great pleasure. They learnt different skills, which boosted their confidence and self-esteem. The curriculum is extremely well enriched through the very wide range of clubs, visits, visitors and events, which further widen children's horizons and contribute to their personal and social development.

    Stamshaw Infant School
    Mrs J Cooper

    Circus Themed Week Show

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    Blue Peter Appearance

    We had the pleasure of teaching Andy Akinwolere, from Blue Peter, how to ride a unicycle. We had such a fun time and he was a good pupil!

    It was broadcast on 15/01/2008, but if you missed it then you can see it again here.


    Sneak previews of latest reviews entered: -
    Salford Priors Youth Club
    Visited on: 17th May 2018
    Salford Priors
    ‭01789 778940
    Circus Workshop
    We were very impressed with the whole experience, the instructor was excellent and interacted really well with our youth club members, whose ages ranged from 8 to 18. We will be booking again for next year. - Pat Dare

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    Beavers (1st Swindon Sea Scouts - Ontario)
    Visited on: 21st May 2018
    The Brow, Haydon Wick Swindon
    ‭07590 430874
    Circus Activity Badge
    Steve engaged the beavers well using humour and a positive manner. All beavers even my most sensitive engaged throughout the session. The session was well paced a good change over of activities and most importantly a lot of fun! All the beavers were asking if he could do the session again. I had a lot of immediate responses from parents who said that their child could not stop talking about it. Parent message: #### had a fab night this evening. #### was bouncing off the walls she had so much fun. Thank you Thanks Steve for a fantastic event, we will definitely book you for a circus camp! - Jackie Stevens

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    Brownies (4th Portishead)
    Visited on: 14th May 2018
    Circus Performer Badge
    The Brownies had an excellent evening learning new circus skills but also revisiting skills they learned last year and developing them, like juggling. They really enjoyed the flower sticks and the Ball & Cups which were new activities. Thank you so much - Rachel rowe

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    Brownies (1st Woodford Halse)
    Visited on: 11th May 2018
    Woodford Halse Daventry
    ‭07854 854374
    Circus Performer Badge
    My brownie group absolutely loved the evening. - Kelly Dicks

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    Brownies (3rd Grappenhall)
    Visited on: 12th May 2018
    Sandiway Northwich
    ‭07852 461538
    Brownie Pack Holiday
    Our Brownies enjoyed the workshop whilst on our recent pack holiday. Their evaluations say it all ‘top marks to Steve and all his circus skills’. Leaders enjoyed themselves too! - Barbara Titchard

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    Cubs & Scouts (15th Wood Green)
    Visited on: 09th May 2018
    Gordon Road N11 2AJ
    ‭07891 864342‬
    Circus Activity Badge
    Fantastic session. The children were kept focused and entertained for the whole time - martin linsey

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    Beavers (8th Royal Eltham)
    Visited on: 10th May 2018
    07874 344875
    Circus Activity Badge
    Our Group of 20 Beavers aged 5.5 to 8yrs loved every second of the 1.5 hrs. They cannot wait until next time - 8th RE Beaver Scouts

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    Scouts (7th Grays)
    Visited on: 01st May 2018
    07885 723470
    Circus Activity Badge
    Nick was excellent - he had a great rapport with the Scouts and kept them all busy and enthusiastic for the whole of the evening. It was a great night. - Cathryn Brown

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    Girl Guides (197th and 229th Cramond)
    Visited on: 02nd May 2018
    ‭07921 003384‬
    Very Good - Sharon robertson

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