Youth Clubs:
Having fun is what young people live for!

A great opportunity for the leaders to sit back (or join in!) and watch them learn how to balance a feather on their hand, finger, shoulder & face. Next, we teach them an easy way of juggling with 3 objects by using juggling scarves which float slowing the pattern down making it a much simpler way of learning.

We then teach them either diabolo, plate spinning or flower sticks and tricks which they always want to show their parents when they are picked up.

We finish the evening with some ‘free’ time where they can have a go at some of the other equipment we bring along such as mini bikes, pedal racers, stilts & even some unicycles. (Equipment used will be at the discretion of your instructor.)

Circus Skills is a positive experience, helping them to grow in confidence and self-esteem.

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  • What our Youth Groups customers say about us:
    This was the second time we have had a workshop and it was enjoyed as much as the first one. It was great having some new activites as well as a chance to practice what was learned in the first one.\nWe discovered our autistic member is very well co-ordinated with a flower stick!\nIt would be great to have you back again sometime. Apologies that they get so high on sugar at the tuck shop but it's part of coming to youth club!
    Education Adviser
    As usual, excellent service!
    The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed Pauls session.
    Thank you very much.