Beavers LOVE circus skills!

This is a great opportunity for the Beavers to have some fun whilst learning both hand eye co-ordination and balancing skills. We usually start the session with Feather balancing, which is an easy but challenging activity, teaching them how to balance objects on their hand, finger, arm, shoulder & head.

We then teach them lots of tricks with 2 juggling scarves starting easy and then progressing on to more challenging tricks but always with a sense of fun. This is a very physical workout which the leaders always enjoy taking part in.

We then move on to 1 & 2 juggling balls, starting with one and explaining the correct way to throw and catch a ball and then moving on to the two ball pattern. Next we teach the Beavers an easy way to spin a plate and also teach them three tricks which they love to show their parents when they are picked up.

We finish the evening with some ‘free’ time where they can have a go at some of the other equipment we bring along. E.G. Bucket stilts, mini bikes, pedal racers, diabolos, flower sticks, hoola-hoops & even some unicycles. (Equipment used will be at the discretion of your instructor.) Circus Skills is a positive experience for the Beavers helping them to grow in confidence and self-esteem.

  • £160.00 for a 1 - 2 hour session with one group
  • £250.00 for a 2 - 3 hour session with two groups E.G. Beavers followed by Cubs or Cubs followed by Scouts (£125.00 per group)
  • £330.00 for three groups E.G. Beavers, Cubs and finish with Scouts (£110.00 per group)
  • £350 for a full day (usually 10am - 4pm)
What our Beavers customers say about us:
Beaver Leader
An excellent evening. The interaction with the children was marvellous. Instructor kept all children 100% interested plus the adults in attendance too.
Please could you thank Paul for an excellent evening with our Beavers/Cubs and Scouts. All the adults and children were extremely impressed and had a fantastic time. I am sorry I had to leave before the Scouts had finished, but I had one very tired Beaver who needed his bed before he consumed any more chocolate ! \nI hope that the Scouts helped Paul load the van. \nAs a teacher and general organiser, I have booked many different entertainers and specialists over the years and you never really know how things are going to go, but Paul was brilliant, speaking to each group of children appropriately, being entertaining and funny and in control !and increasing the level of difficulty. \nThank you once again Im sure you can look forward to more bookings in Northampton as a result, Sarah Wise 30th Northampton Scout Group