We can offer an Awesome Circus Party for your child (or significant grown up!) with a Circus Instructor and full range of equipment.

Our 90 minute Circus parties start with a full demonstration of all the equipment by our professional instructor.

With enough equipment to go around everyone (including parents who want to join in!) they learn 2 different (age appropriate) circus skills with clear instructions. We always ensure that everyone joining in learns a new skill that they can be proud of.

We then have ‘free time’ where they can use whatever equipment they would like to practice with and any adults there can also join in too if they want to!
What our Parties customers say about us:
Booked Shooting Stars for my daughters fifth Birthday party. Jeb the "Instructor" was absolutely brilliant and we hope to book him again for another one in the future. He kept the children absolutely fascinated in what he was doing, and gave them long enough to have a go on his extensive range of props without it being too long and them becoming bored. Weve had several comments from children at the party that it was the best theyve ever been to.
Only have two criticisms, one very small and the other slightly larger the first the small one is that he could perhaps have spent more time "teaching" rather than "demonstrating". Difficult I know with fifteen five year olds, and to be fair they did have ample chance to "have a go." The second and larger one is that due to issues with TomTom he did turn up five minutes late for the start of the party. We had been advised that he would there 45 minutes before the start, and he actually turned up after the party had begun. We were unable to contact him on his mobile as was Steve our contact. Obviously our concern increased and increased and eventually turned to panic! when without any back-up plan we had fifteen children to potentially entertain for two hours.
Once he was there he was fantastic and we would highly recommend him and Shooting Stars - just have a Plan B lined up in case!!
Private booking
Thank you very much for your contribution to a great party. What was so nice is that you were discreet and not loud entertainers which is exactly what we wanted as it didnt overexcite the kids just engaged them really nicely. We also really liked the way you interacted with the kids helping them to feel they were doing it for themselves rather than you were the experts and they were just incapable. Sometimes you did it for them but they didnt even notice.