We can offer a Circus Skills Workshop for all abilities, giving everyone the chance to enjoy the fun and excitement of a circus skills session.

Circus skills is fantastic for their co-ordination levels and helps peripheral vision but most of all for giving them a sense of achievement. They can learn a simple skill that no one else can do. This gives them an enormous sense of pride when showing off to their teachers or family at home.

All our instructors are highly experienced with SEN and disabilities and will structure their workshops accordingly.
What our SEN customers say about us:
Young Peoples Coordinator
Jebb was awesome!!! Thank you so much, we all had a great time, even the parents who didnt think theyd ever walk a tight rope!! Thanks again it was FANTASTIC!!!!
Waverly is a school for pupils with servere and profound learning difficulties, just to give a bit of a background. All the pupils had a chance to join in, even with the tightrope walking.\nThe demonstrations were good but could of been a little more small group or individual as some of our pupils have problems focusing on things that are away from them. \nStaff participation was at a height - one teacher nearly broke his neck trying to have a go at EVERYTHING.\nGenerally a great time was had by all and we are saving up for another go. Thank you.