A fun and challenging evening keeping the Guides engaged and immersed in learning new skills.

A great opportunity for the leaders to sit back (or join in!) and watch their Girl Guides learn how to balance a feather on their hand, finger, shoulder, & face. This workshop is always a favourite even at this age.

Next up, we can either teach them the easy way of juggling with 3 objects by using juggling scarves which float as they drop (this slows the pattern down making it a much simpler way of learning), followed by teaching them how to juggle 3 juggling balls.

Alternatively, we can then teach them either plate spinning and tricks or Flower sticks and tricks.

We finish the evening with some ‘free’ time where the Girl Guides can have a go at some of the other equipment we bring along. E.G. Bucket stilts, mini bikes, pedal racers, diabolos, flower sticks, hoola-hoops & even some unicycles. (Equipment used will be at the discretion of your instructor).

Circus Skills is a positive experience, helping them to grow in confidence and self-esteem.

  • £160.00 for a 1 - 2 hour session with one group
  • £250.00 for a 2 - 3 hour session with two groups E.G. Rainbows followed by Brownies or Brownies followed by Guides (£125.00 per group)
  • £330.00 for three groups E.G. Rainbows, Brownies and finish with Girl Guides (£110.00 per group)
  • £350 for a full day (usually 10am - 4pm)
What our Guides customers say about us:
Southgate Division Commissioner
Fred was absolutely brilliant.
He rang just before to find out the number of girls and how they would be split for the three one-hour sessions and arrived 30mins before the start time, giving time to unload.
He demonstrated and gave clear instructions which included safety issues relevant to each piece of equipment. He supported the Rainbows which meant they achieved success particularly with the plate spinning and helped the Guides with the unicycle etc and encouraged them with specific instructions to improve. Fred mentioned a few girls who were especially good at the activities. The Brownies were also challenged and tried their best, all achieving success in some way.
Fred showed exceptional skill, patience and positivity during all three of the hour sessions he did for us, with no break. He was friendly, kind and delightful-definitely a star!
The girls loved it all and I've had positive comments of praise from all the other leaders present and from many of the girls themselves.
Also thank you for fitting us in at quite short notice.
Thank you so much. It was just perfect.
Best wishes Daphne
Girl Guide Leader
This was a fantastic evening. The instructor was amazing with the girls and had them all participating.
He was extremely friendly and welcoming.
Would definitely book again.