Learning new skills and having fun is what Brownies love best.

A great opportunity for the leaders to sit back (or join in!) and watch their Brownies learn how to balance a feather on their hand, finger, shoulder, face and even their belly button! Hearing them laugh is medicine to any ones ears.

Next up, we teach them the easy way of juggling with 3 objects by using juggling scarves which float as they drop. This slows the pattern down making it a much simpler way of learning.

We can then teach them either plate spinning and tricks or Flower sticks and tricks which they always want to show their parents when they are picked up. We finish the evening with some ‘free’ time where the Brownies can have a go at some of the other equipment we bring along. E.G. Bucket stilts, mini bikes, pedal racers, diabolos, flower sticks, hoola-hoops & even some unicycles. (Equipment used will be at the discretion of your instructor.)

Circus Skills is a positive experience, helping them to grow in confidence and self-esteem.

Prices (excluding VAT):
  • £170 for a 1 - 2 hour session with one group
  • £260 for a 2 - 3 hour session with two groups, e.g. Rainbows followed by Brownies or Brownies followed by Guides
  • £350 for three groups, e.g. Rainbows, Brownies and finish with Girl Guides
  • £370 for a full day (usually 10am - 4pm)
  • Distances over 60 miles may incur an extra fuel charge.
What our Brownies customers say about us:
Brilliant time had by all! Wonderful to hear the laughter and chatter as the girls and leaders tried new skills and felt very proud of their accomplishments. Steve and Stuart explained things very simply and wandered round the hall patiently helping where needed and constantly encouraging everyone. The two hours whizzed by and left the girls wanting more. Parents have fed back that they had excited girls busily telling about the fun they had had. Will definately recommend!
Brownie Guider
The instructor Winston was fantastic with the group of Rainbows and Brownies and all thoroughly enjoyed the day. The equipment was wide ranging and easy for the group to get to grips with and the instruction given to the group was excellent as they were easy to follow. The show given to the group at the beginning of the day set the scene and really entertained the group.